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On the ground, when do you put Landing Lights on? *
What is the maximum speed under 10,000ft? *
When do you put Strobe Lights on? *
You have just been told by Approach to contact Tower, you are heading for runway 15 on the ILS at Warsaw Chopin. What do you report to Tower? *
When do you enter a Runway? *
If you stall, what do you do? *
What is the maximum speed over 10,000ft *
You're on approach to your destination. Name the controllers you would have talked to *
When you are in your Destination airport’s airspace, what is the first channel you tune in to? *
When you're spawning, taxiing and taking off name the ATC controllers you would have talked to in order. *
When tower says "Cleared for the option" that means? *
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When do you request Takeoff? *
When you see the airport to your left, what should you report on Unicom? *
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You are on descent and you start to over speed, what should you do? *
When do you Pushback? *
What's your Infinite Flight Community Page username? (this is so we can contact you informing you of your test results). *
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