Caldwell JAM (school year program)
NOTE: Caldwell JAM offers school-year classes (30 weekly classes) and summer classes (10 weekly classes). Register now, and we will contact you with dates prior to the start of the next class season, and will invoice you at the start of classes.

Instruments are available for students to rent for $15/school year

Minimum registration of 5 students per class. Maximum registration of 10 students per class.

Summer students are charged $10/class, with sibling discounts available. School-year students are charged based on their school-lunch arrangement with Caldwell County Schools. Students who don't receive discounted or free lunch are charged $10/class ($300/year payable in 2 installments). Reduced-lunch students are charged $5/class ($150/year payable in 2 installments). Free-lunch students are charged $3/class ($90/year, payable in 2 installments).

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The School-Year JAM Program runs for 30 weeks (once a week except holidays/school closures/ice & snow). The Summer JAM Program runs for 10 weeks. Is this something your family/student is willing to commit to at this time? We do not offer refunds for missed classes. *
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I understand that my child's behavior may affect his/her continuance in JAM classes. We expect good attendance and behavior. Teachers will give specific warnings to students and give them the opportunity to change their behavior. Continued misbehavior, fighting, stealing, or blatant disregard for a rule or an instrument may result in dismissal from the JAM program.
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I do hereby consent and agree that the Junior Appalachian Musicians (JAM) program of the Caldwell Arts Council has permission to take photographs and/or record video and/or audio of my child or me and use these for JAM development, education, promotional and/or marketing materials. I further consent that my name and identity may be revealed therein or by descriptive text or commentary. I give the JAM program the right to exhibit any such works publicly or privately, including posting on the JAM website, the Caldwell Arts Council website, or either of these entities' social media. I understand that names of students WILL NOT BE USED in these media. *
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