Caldwell JAM
Caldwell JAM (Junior Appalachian Muscians) is a program of the Caldwell Arts Council that offers instruction in Traditional Appalachian style music.

This is an after school program open to students 8 years and up in the Caldwell County Public, Private and Homeschool systems. Parents of students are invited to take classes as well; we have found that students practice more willingly if a parent is playing too! Parent price is $10/class, and parents must provide their own instrument.

The program runs for 30 weeks from October thru May, and is held weekly at different locations throughout Caldwell County.

Students will be taught to play their instruments by ear, and they have four instruments to choose from: Old-time Guitar, Fiddle, Mandolin, and Banjo with classes being offered at Granite Falls Elementary School (Mondays 3-4pm), Happy Valley School (Tuesdays 3-4pm), and at the Hudson Uptown Building (Wednesdays 3:00-4:30pm). Piedmont Blues Guitar will be offered in the future as well.

We have instruments available to rent for $15 for the entire program year.

Each class must have a minimum of 3 students and a maximum of 10.

Tuition is offered on scale that is based on the student's lunch status in the Public School system in order to offer this opportunity to as many students as possible. Full lunch & parent price: $10/class ($300/year, $150/half-year), Half-price lunch price: $5/class ($150/year, $75/half year); Free lunch status price: $3/class ($90/year, $45/half year).

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