My Technology Plan
Our goal is to establish what you can do and what you want to do using technology in our district, mainly around Google Apps for Education (mail, docs, spreadsheets, slides, and forms). This will give us the ability to further tailor our Professional Development Opportunities to your specific needs and goals.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to complete this form so that we can best help you.
The iTech Team

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Which of these Google Apps for Education do you currently use? *
Everyone should check Mail. If you use other Apps, please indicate below.
Which of these Apps do you feel you are best at? Check between 1 and 3 apps. *
Example: I'd pick Docs because I can use them very extensively and know how to manipulate settings, etc. This does not mean I wouldn't like to learn more, it's just the one I'm currently the most comfortable with!
Which of these Apps do your students use to practice and build academic skills?
If you do not work with students, please skip this question.
Please rate your skills for each of the Apps listed. *
1=most basic/never used; 5=master of the App "I use this with students every day!" or "I could train my peers!"
Google Classroom
Wix, Weebly
Do you have an App skill, idea, or strategy that you'd like to share with your colleagues? If yes, tell us about it!
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Which of these Apps would you like to learn more about? Check between 1 and 3. *
Example: I'd pick presentations because I'd like to learn to create more engaging and powerful presentations for my students. I'd also pick Forms so I could start getting immediate feedback from my students about our learning environment.
How and when would you like to receive professional development? *
If you are interested in using Google Apps and would like to learn more, tell us your preferences!
I'm currently using Google Apps to... *
Please provide us some examples of how you're currently using Google Apps: Peer communication, gathering data, daily tasks, etc. If using with students, those examples would be great as well.
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Either for personal or school use
Please list any Google Chrome Store Apps or Extensions that you are currently using. If you are not using Chrome, please indicate. *
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Please take a moment to tell the iTechs about your needs so we can customize your Professional Development as much as possible.
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