Media Project for WBTC 2017
FITB would like to support the country who come with the team that bring 1 media press to report the event for free.

WBTC will support:
1.5 star hotel and 2 people in 1 room with your country player or someone.
2.Shuttle train to event place and all food here free.
3.Can join gala dinner and media conference.

Media need to pay deposit $200USD in advance.
1. The opportunity to report your country team before come to Taiwan and upload PHOTO to
2. During 4 days event, We hope you report everyday. If done 4 days report you get $200USD back.($50USD for 1day report)
3. Media report must put in Facebook of beach tchoukball.
4. Media report must include Kaohsiung city and WBTC event.

Wish you come to help your team and WBTC2017.
FITB President

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media company
need to told us the media full name and websize
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company title
your work in company
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mobile phone
help us contact in whatsapp.we will use this during the event.
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help us contact
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any things you want to ask
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