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I am ready for a course correction in my life’s direction, increased fulfillment and meaning in life. I desire greater clarity and focus in my life direction. *
I have a vision for what I want to achieve. I can identify two or three things I would like to create in my life. *
I am ready to move from being stopped by challenges to taking proactive, positive action. I am willing to release the self-defeating behaviors that limit my success. *
I am willing to be open to new ideas and new ways of approaching situations. I will give my Coach the benefit of the doubt when “trying out” new concepts or approaches. *
If I encounter difficulties or challenges, I will promptly share this with my Guide in order that my Guide and I can refine these new approaches to a way that works for me. I will then be able to experience what I need in the journey relationship. *
I am ready to align and set personal, vocational and family priorities with my life direction. *
I realize there are no “magic bullets” and the only answers for me are coming from my own discovery experience. I do rely on others including my Guide, for feedback, information, and guidance, not for “the answers.”  I am willing to do the work and let the Guide do the guiding. *
I am also willing to enlist the support of others who care about me and are aligned with my vision to speed my progress without relinquishing responsibility for my own life decisions and action. *
I am willing to invest time & money in my personal and professional development and have prioritized my finances to accommodate for fees and my own personal/professional goals. *
I see coaching as a worthwhile investment in my life. *
I am committed to being prepared and on time for all calls and appointments. *
I will speak straight, be vulnerable and transparent with my Guide and trust my Guide will do the same with me. and have the that my Guide will possess the skills to gently guide me to where I need to be. *
I trust that my Guide will possess the skills to gently guide me to where I need to be. *
I am ready to accept guidance and have, or am resolving any deeper relational issues in my life. *
I am someone who can “share the credit” for my success with my Guide. *
I am someone who accepts responsibility for my actions. *
I understand the benefits of coaching can include: clarity of focus, teaming up with your Guide as advocate, achievement far beyond the status quo, creation of my own life action plan. *
Scoring Key
35 - 45 Not Coachable right now: You may want to come back to coaching when you've spent some time with a counselor or therapist to help you resolve some of your life, relational, and developmental issues.

46 - 55 Coachable, but you may need to ensure that the coaching agreement and boundaries are thoroughly understood and honored. You may also need to spend extra time outside of the coaching partnership working on your own growth.

56 - 65 Easily Coachable: You are encouraged to spend time working on key shifts and distinctions to raise your score so you will be able to take fuller advantage of your coaching.

66 - 75 Extremely Coachable: ask Robert to request a lot from you - but make sure you don't fall into the "Perfect Client" trap. Be sure to let Robert know when life demands coupled with coaching homefun become too much for you to handle without feeling pressured. (If you find yourself reluctant to call for your appointment because you didn't do your homework, call anyway and share that thought first! Then request a slower pace for a few weeks while you build your accountability muscles. Set it up so you get to WIN!)
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