1854 Conservation Code - Comment Form
The 1854 Treaty Authority is in the process of revising the 1854 Ceded Territory Conservation Code, and we are seeking band member input.

The purpose of the code is to:
1) Provide an orderly system for control and regulation of hunting, fishing, trapping and gathering of resources with in the 1854 Ceded Territory for subsistence use.
2) Provide a means to promote public health and safety, and the conservation and management of fish, wildlife and plant populations.

If you have suggestions or particular concerns on the existing conservation code, please submit them in the sections below and the item(s) will be taken into consideration. Please be as specific as possible - if you are suggesting a change, please provide a proposed remedy. There are spaces for three (3) comments/suggestions below; if you have more than three (3) entries, please submit another form. If you only have one or two comments, simply click NEXT to skip ahead to the required contact information page.

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