Huddle Leader Application 2019
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Basic Information
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Camp Choice
I am applying to be a huddle leader at the following camps: (choose yes or no)
Girls Basketball Team Camp *
HL Training: June 1-2; Camp: June 3-5
Boys Basketball Team Camp *
HL Training: June 8-9; Camp: June 10-12
Boys Lacrosse Camp *
HL Training: June 17-18; Camp: June 19-21
Competitor's Camp *
HL Training: June 22-23; Camp: June 24-27
Situational Questions
These are possible questions campers may ask you. Please explain in detail what your reply would be to each one.
"I have a friend in my youth group who is openly gay. Can someone be gay and be a Christian?" *
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"I have already had sex. What is the point in trying to stay pure now?" *
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"Is masturbation wrong?" *
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"If God created everything in the world, why is marijuana wrong?" *
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