Live Ship to Shore Interaction Request - 2019 Expedition Season
Shipboard broadcast capabilities aboard Exploration Vessel Nautilus enable students, educators, and the public to engage in a unique two-way, live dialogue supported with visually-rich content hosted by onboard scientists, engineers, educators and team members. Interactions are question-answer format lasting 20-30 minutes; please indicate your preference below.

All interactions are pre-scheduled. Complete the form below to request a live interaction with members of the Corps of Exploration aboard E/V Nautilus.

Interactions are conducted through Google Meet. Please test your Google Meet connection within your school network or with a friend. If there are any connection issues, please address these locally with your technical department before the live event. For more information, refer to our Live Interaction Frequently Asked Questions. []

Filling out this request form does not guarantee the availability of your preferred date/time. Our interaction calendar gets quite busy, but our team works to accommodate as many requests as possible. The larger your window of scheduling availability, the more likely we will be able to schedule an interaction with your group.

Use the comments field at the end of this form for additional questions or contact OET's Education Program Coordinator, Kelly Moran -

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Technical Information
Interactions are conducted through Google Meet, a free online web-based video call platform that requires a hardwired internet connection and Google Chrome.

A computer needs a microphone for presenters to hear audience questions. Internal laptop microphones work well, or external microphones are preferred for large rooms. We recommend testing your microphone and speakers in the event room ahead of the connection.

Live Event Details
E/V Nautilus is exploring the Eastern and Central Pacific Ocean from May through October, 2019. Live interactions with our team are available seven days a week with no timezone restrictions, starting May 10 and ending October 17, 2019.

Due to the staffing model during our seafloor mapping expeditions, there may be limited interaction availability:
May 14 - May 23
June 10 - June 23
Sept 18 - Oct 3
Note: From August 5- 26, there will be no interaction availability with Nautilus.

Throughout the season the ship enters port for personnel transfers and occasionally encounter sea states or technical issues that interrupt broadcasts. Our team will work to maintain regular broadcasts with the Corps of Exploration on board, but can not guarantee availability. If needed, alternative interaction dates and arrangements will be made.

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