ANUMC Feedback Form
Use this form if:
- You would like to give feedback on the ANUMC.
- Report an accident, near miss or other inappropriate event that has occurred on a trip/regular activity/club-related event.
- Would like to report any behavior conducted by any members you think is inappropriate.
- Communicate any information you think the executive and/or committee should know about in regards to the club, it's members and it's activities.

- Unless you attach any identifying information in your response THIS FORM IS ANONYMOUS.
- Information submitted via this form is available only to members of the executive.
- If you would prefer this information be shared wider or to a specific member (e.g to the committee or to a specific activity officer) please indicate this in your response.
- IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE CONTACTED about your response, please consider using the contact us page on the ANUMC website (
- An alternative method of contacting the club is to email the executive (or other positions) directly using contact information listed on the website ( (Must be logged in to access this page).
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