Teacher Directed PD Grant
This is an application to use funds from the Teacher Directed Professional Development Grant. Each school is allotted a set amount annually for this grant. Fund distribution is at the discretion of the staff, PD Rep and admin in your school. 

Items that the Teacher Directed PD Grant can be used for:
Professional Reading Material
PD registration
Sub coverage for PD events
Accommodation for Conferences

This request will be considered by the PD Committee at a regularly scheduled meeting and you will be notified if it is approved. 
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Reimbursement for expenses is sent to the school in the school's name, therefore you need approval from your admin before paying for expenses. You must use a school purchase card, or be reimbursed from a personal card by your school. NO CHEQUES WILL BE SENT TO AN INDIVIDUAL.

Example scenario: 

I want to attend the ECEC conference in April. I get permission from admin to leave Thursday at noon to travel. Admin tells me there is only money in the school budget to cover the registration fee. I talk to my school's PD Rep and then tell my admin there is still money in our school's Teacher Directed PD Grant from our ATA local. I apply for the grant in an amount to cover the sub day and hotel cost. I am approved. I tell my admin that the amount was approved. I use my school credit card to pay for the registration fee. I then use my school credit card to book my accommodations. I save all receipts (making sure they are in my name) and provide a copy to my admin and keep a copy for claiming expenses. I claim expenses through the local and a cheque is written to the school.


For if the grant is paying for your sub: When I book my sub I will choose PD - School Directed. When I apply for reimbursement, I will attach a screen shot of the sub booking.


All expense forms need to be submitted within 6 weeks of the expense and before May 31, 2023

It is your responsibility to claim expenses so your school can be reimbursed. The online expense form can be filled out at https://local6.teachers.ab.ca/Forms/Pages/Forms.aspx . Receipts are required for registration and hotel.

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