TFF 2020 Party Floor Application
Thank you for showing interest in a Party Room for Furry Fiesta 2020! This is to screen applications for the party rooms. This does NOT guarantee room placement. We also will be introducing 'the buffer floor' this year for those that are cool with volume levels of nearby rooms under them to better assist in maintaining noise levels and peace of mind with convention goers. This also helps in giving partiers that don't wish to throw a party a nearby place to reside that allows for quick access down to the party floor. Applications for party floor close on November 15th.

If you have questions, email them to . PLEASE DON'T CONTACT the hotel directly about the party rooms or patio area. Thank you!
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If you have a room reservation, please put your confirmation/acknowledgement number for the original room. Otherwise put N/A.
What is your Telegram Account? (There will be REQUIRED telegram group for selected party hosts before and during con.)
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If you're not planning to host parties then you will be considered for the buffer floor. (fourth floor) Likewise if not picked for a party room you will be asked if want to be on the buffer floor.
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