2020 Young Adult Retreat Evaluation Form
Thank you for attending this retreat this weekend. We hope there will be many other young adult gatherings to come in the months and years ahead. Your feedback will help shape future activities and identify the needs and desires of young adults in our synod.
How did you find out about the retreat?
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Overall, how would you rate the retreat? (on a scale of 1-5, 1 being poor and 5 being excellent)
Please rate the following:
Community/Free Time
What was your favorite part about the retreat?
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What did you dislike about the retreat? What would you change next time?
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How did you feel about the mix of individual/large group/small group time? Free time vs. structured time?
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What did you think about the “Peace and Conflict” curriculum? Did you feel the curriculum was useful/applicable to other parts of your life?
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Would you come back next year?
Would you recommend the retreat to a friend?
Have you attended other Practice Discipleship Young Adult gatherings/events throughout the year? If so, what? If not, did you know about them? What types of events/opportunities would you like to see?
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How do you prefer to communicate/learn about events & opportunities?
Is there anything else you want the planning committee to know about your experience at the retreat?
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Are you interested in learning more about getting involved with the leadership of Practice Discipleship? If yes, please record your name and contact information below. *If you would like to keep this evaluation anonymous, email pddemdsynod@gmail.com with your contact info and interest.
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Anything else you want to add? *This is an anonymous survey unless you decide to include your name.*
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