Big Solar Fundraiser
In celebration of our new national sponsors, MySolarDirect, Kids Teaching Kids is launching the Big Solar School Fundraiser for environmental education. Through this new partnership we will help schools raise funds for new vege gardens, tree planting, science equipment, teacher relief to participate in Kids Teaching Kids programs, a solar system for your school or any other environmental initiative the school would like to tackle.

For every solar system installed in your school's community, the school will receive $500. There is no cap on the fundraising. For example, if your community encourages the installation of 10 rooftop solar systems through MySolarDirect, the school can earn $5000!

Next steps:
By completing this form, you agree to receive a no obligation phone call from MySolarDirect who will provide you with more information about going solar. If you decide solar is right for you and have a system installed, MySolarDirect will ensure $500 is added to the fundraising account of your school of choice.

This fundraiser opportunity ends Friday November 8th, 2019
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