English Level Test
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Section 1
Choose ONE correct answer for each question.
1. The shower is in the ______ *
2. Are the children playing with the ball? *
3. How many people are there in the picture? *
4. Have you got any brothers or sisters? *
5. How old is your sister? *
6. Which of these words is not a colour? *
7. Do you drink coffee? *
8. Which of these is a farm animal? *
9. What do you have for breakfast? *
10. What number comes after thirteen? *
11. What are these? *
12. How do you come to school? *
13. Do you have any pets? *
14. Where is the blue pencil? *
15. What is he wearing? *
16. Is this Peter’s book? *
17. What is the day before Thursday? *
18. What is the month before July? *
19. Are the men wearing blue shirts? *
20. Which of these words is not a part of the body? *
21. What’s the weather like today? *
22. Is that man ________ a newspaper? *
23. When’s your birthday? *
24. What time do you go to bed? *
25. What do you do when you get home from school? *
26. Can you play the piano? *
27. 09:50 is ______________ . *
28. London is ___________ Barcelona. *
29. There ________ lots of people at the party last night. *
30. What was the weather like yesterday? *
31. How often do you play tennis? *
32. ‘Describe your brother's appearance.’ ‘He’s tall, with black hair and ____ .’ *
33. Did you enjoy your holiday? *
34. What did you do last weekend? *
35. What’s that woman doing? *
36. When did you buy that jacket? *
37. Who ________ all the cheese? *
38. Do you like shopping? *
39. What’s she going to do with the money you ________ her? *
40. Hannah says she ________ to stop smoking. *
41. I like the red dress, but I _________ the black one. *
42. What do you think about the final tomorrow? *
43. I like the countryside, but ________ spend the day at the beach. *
44. He borrowed a lot of money and spent it all, so now he’s in ______ . *
45. ‘Who’s that?’ ‘I don’t know; ______ her before.’ *
46. I’ve lived here _______________ .
47. Have we got any bread left? *
48. Have they ever been to a rock concert? *
49. I ______ go to university on Fridays because there are no classes. *
50. In Britain you __________ be 17 to drive a car. *
51. Why do you think electric cars will be more popular in future? *
52. We ________ to leave now, or we’ll be late. *
53. The most dangerous part of a flight is during take-off and ______ *
54. What will you do if you __________ medical treatment on holiday? *
55. Have you ever ___________ any typical Russian food? *
56. What _________ you doing when you heard the news? *
57. I think the situation will be much worse in ten _____________ *
58. Many people develop health problems because they don’t ___ *
59. I always write down new words because it helps me __________ them. *
60. My brother was born in London but ______ in Australia since he was six. *
61. When she was in the army she _____ to run five miles every day. *
62. You’d have more chance of finding a job if you ________ Spanish. *
63. Many American TV shows are _____ in front of a live audience. *
64. A widow is a woman __________ husband has died. *
65. You’d __________ check your tyre pressure if you’re going a long way. *
66. We were bored so we watched 'Titanic', even though we ___ it before. *
67. John and Rob weren’t speaking because they ____ an argument. *
68. I wouldn’t have got a speeding fine if I _____________ so fast. *
69. The minister apologised, saying that serious mistakes ___________ *
70. Tom was at the party, even though he _____________ invited. *
71. I attended the interview _________ I wasn’t feeling very well. *
72. I wish you ______ have to leave so soon. *
73. I remember _______ to the cinema for the first time; I was 3 years old. *
74. After hearing the evidence the jury found the ____________ guilty. *
75. Ben hated his job, so he ________ as soon as he could. *
76. Most governments believe that ______ change is a serious problem. *
77. After her baby was born Susie went back to work __________ . *
78. I’ve got indigestion. Perhaps I ________ such a big meal so late. *
79. All room keys ___________ handed in at reception before 11:30 a.m. *
80. Their uncle promised __________ them to the zoo as a treat. *
Section 2
Complete each sentence with ONE word only, and write your answers using CAPITAL LETTERS.
81. The government keeps telling us things are improving, but I think the situation is just getting ___________ .
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82. If there’s something you want to tell me just say it – don’t beat about the ____________ . *
Your answer
83. As this is your first day with us don’t be afraid to ask if there’s anything you don’t understand – some of our systems take a bit of ____________ used to.
Your answer
84. One of the problems with giving aid to developing countries is that it can easily fall into the wrong _____________ .
Your answer
85. We still have some way to go before we see real equality in the workplace where gender is concerned; there are still far ____________ women than men in the top jobs at boardroom level.
Your answer
86. After protracted talks the management team announced that the airline had finally ___________ an agreement with the union.
Your answer
87. Even today many teachers find that a carrot and __________ approach can be very effective in the classroom.
Your answer
88. I agree that she’s talented and has great potential, but I’m still not convinced she’s management ________________ .
Your answer
89. I could tell from his expression that he didn’t have the faintest __________ what I meant .
Your answer
90. He left at midday so he ___________ to be here soon.
Your answer
91. We’re doing our best to keep the business going in the current economic climate, but I really feel we’re fighting a losing ______________ .
Your answer
92. Look, If you don’t want to come to the meal, don’t come. I don’t want you to feel like I’m holding a _______ to your head.
Your answer
93. I was looking forward to seeing that film, but now I don’t think I’ll bother; what you’ve just told me has really put me ________ .
Your answer
94. My daughter is a good cook, but she always makes a real ___________ of the kitchen – dirty dishes everywhere!
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95. We’ve had a few delays getting our website up and running, but __________ than that everything’s going fine.
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96. In Cyprus it _______ ever rains in the summer.
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97. We saw some men having a fight in the street, but the police arrived and quickly broke it _________ .
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98. I _____________ the house upside-down but still didn’t find my bracelet.
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99. These days companies have to pay careful attention to the health and safety of their employees, otherwise they ___________ being sued.
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100. I’m now earning twice as much as I did at my old job, and I’m doing less travelling. Being made redundant turned out to be a blessing in _________ .
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