Parents that are borrowing through the Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan Program are encouraged to complete this form.

This authorization is valid from the date of submission until graduation unless the parent rescinds this permission in writing to the Financial Aid Office.

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CREDIT BALANCE AUTHORIZATION - Once the Parent PLUS Loan funds are disbursed to the student's account those funds may exceed the semester charges. Parents may choose to leave those funds on their student's account for the remainder of the academic year. This is helpful if you need to use those funds to assist with winter or summer charges. Without this authorization, that credit will be refunded to you or the student (depending on what you selected on the application). Any winter or summer expenses would be the student's out of pocket responsibility.
MANDATORY CHARGE AUTHORIZATION - Federal financial aid, including the Parent PLUS Loan can only be used to pay mandatory expenses (tuition, fees, room and board). Parents must give MMA permission to use financial aid to cover all other expenses (such as health insurance, dorm damage, study abroad expenses, athletic equipment, etc.)
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