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We are so excited you have decided to partner with your church and sign up for a Testimony Book Sponsorship. Please fill out the information below, and we will set up your sponsorship.
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Please select the book you would like to sponsor from the dropdown list below. Our naming format is ST-City-ChurchName-BookTItle. If you don't see your church on the list below, please call or email our donor care manager at (877) 967-3224 ex 1 or, and she can help you.
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All books will be directly mailed to people in your city. Remember, you can CANCEL your monthly donation AT ANY TIME! YOUR DONATION IS TAX DEDUCTIBLE.
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Choose the day of the month you would like your sponsorship payment to be collected. Examples: On the 1st of each month, 5th of each month, 15th of each month, etc.
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One of our donor care managers will contact you to collect your preferred method of payment for your sponsorship. You will not submit that on this form.
By submitting this form, I authorize Great Commission Project to initiate debit entries and, if necessary, to initiate any credit entries to correct an erroneous debit entry on the credit card or bank account, for the purpose of automatically debiting funds from my account. I acknowledge that the origination of these transactions must comply with the provisions of U.S. Law, NACHA, Federal, State and Local Authorities and our prearranged agreement with Great Commission Project. I understand that this authorization replaces any previous authorization and will remain in full force and effect until Great Commission Project has received notification from me of its termination in such time and in such manner as to afford Great Commission Project and the bank a reasonable opportunity to act on it.
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