Support the United Methodist LGBTQ+ Safe Harbor Declaration
As new restrictions against LGBTQ+ persons are soon to take effect, the five active bishops in The United Methodist Church's Western Jurisdiction are asking bishops, clergy and laity to join them in offering Safe Harbor to gay clergy and laity. They have reaffirmed their commitment to accept qualified LGBTQ+ persons as clergy and candidates for ministry, and to refuse to prosecute clergy that officiate same-sex weddings. Here are key parts of their Nov. 4 Declaration:

"As of January 1, 2020, when many of the actions of the 2019 General Conference of The United Methodist Church will take effect, we intend to provide safe harbor for clergy under our care who may be at risk under the new provisions, prohibitions, and punishments."

"We intend to exercise our authority as bishops of The United Methodist Church to encourage and protect the full participation of LGBTQ+ persons as beloved children of God, embraced in God’s reign of grace. To do so is essential to the integrity of the Body of Christ, and the unity of the Church."

"We are unwilling and unable to exercise the office of bishop in ways that harm, isolate, silence or exclude LGBTQ+ persons as they seek to be seen, understood, welcomed and fully included in the community of the Church. We do not intend to withhold or challenge ordination based solely on a person’s gender identity or sexual orientation. We are unwilling to punish clergy who celebrate the marriage of two adults of any gender or sexual orientation seeking the blessing of God and the Church for their covenanted life together."

To read the full Safe Harbor Declaration, click on this link:

ALL United Methodists are invited to join in support of the bishops' declaration below. By doing so, you are committing to do all you can, by all the means available to you, to support Safe Harbor within The United Methodist Church. Your email address will not be shared publicly.

To view a list of signatories, click on this link:

Thank you for supporting the bishops movement, and for SHARING this opportunity with others!
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