Black Quantum Futurism: Time & Memory Survey
You are being asked to participate in a survey in connection with the oral history/oral future research project known as "Community Futurisms: Time and Memory", a socially engaged art project studying time, memory, and temporality as experienced by people and communities identifying as Black or African-American in the United States and across the diaspora. This survey seeks to explore alternative and cultural, communal, and personal temporal-spatial frameworks, and the relationship of psychic space to physical space. This survey was developed in 2012 after noticing very little research or resources on practices and experiences of time and temporality in African American communities, or finding only research on Black temporalities that was connected to slavery, or associated with negative qualities, such as laziness, or lack of care for the future, and which saw the notion of Colored People's Time as a cultural deficiency.  

Please note that although we are primarily interested in responses from people identifying as Black or African American, all are welcome and encouraged to take the survey.  Your participation is completely voluntary. You will be asked about your connections to time and memory, as well as questions about your self,  community, and family. Please note that your responses may be used in future research-related publications. You may choose to remain anonymous in the survey. Responses are only seen by the Project Director (see contact information below for questions or concerns).

Section I - Time perspective inventory. This section adopted in part with permission from ZTP Inventory. For full ZTPI and scoring, please visit
Section 2 - Free response section
Section 3 - Demographic Information

The survey takes about 20-30 minutes to complete.

Thank you for your time and participation,

Rasheedah Phillips
Project Director
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