Enrolment Form – Drawing from Nature – Winter.
By filling out this form you are officially joining Katie's Online Art Class – 'Drawing from Nature - Winter'. Welcome!

Once you have enrolled - every Monday you will receive a weekly email with video lesson and pdfs. for six weeks.

You can choose your own start dates if you wish, just let me know.

I look forward to beginning this class with you, please contact me for more information. :)

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I would like to Enrol in the 6 week, self-paced Drawing from Nature - WINTER season.  
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Start Date – the course will start being delivered on the first Monday after you enrol, unless you prefer a different dare. Please let me know below.
The six week, self-paces Drawing from Nature - Winter Season

Costs $350 (AU)
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Fill in the enrolment form and I will email you to let you know if you qualify, payment to follow later.

You can pay via PayPal
Pay me link here: https://paypal.me/katierobertsart?locale.x=en_AU

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Please contact me via email if you wish to pay via EFT or other means.

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