Breastfeeding Dads and Partners
Hello! Thank you for volunteering your time to fill out this form! Our goal is to truly create a partner centered prenatal class, and also fully incorporate the family unit with every aspect of breastfeeding support.

So, I am asking you- The Breastfeeding Dad or Partner- how can we better, more fully, support you? Please answer as many of the following questions that you are willing, in as great of detail as you can! There are no right or wrong answers, we are looking for AUTHENTIC FEEDBACK, please.

We look forward to putting what you NEED into action. Thank you for your time!!!

(P.S. We are also casting for a commercial, and will be contacting people for the roles based off this survey.)

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Have you ever attended a breastfeeding class?
If you answered yes, was the class our Successful Breastfeeding Series?
If you did go to a class, or if you plan to attend one, please pick the response that is most true for you....
If you did go to a breastfeeding class, did you like it?
How much would you say you know about breastfeeding?
Did you feel the class content included you, and your role as partner, or did you feel more like a benched player?
If you felt as though you were not included, how would you have liked to have been included?
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From your perspective, what do you think was the easiest part about breastfeeding? (Or what do you expect will be the easiest?)
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From your perspective, what do you think was the hardest part about breastfeeding? (Or what do you expect to be the hardest?)
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If you were to have access to "The Breastfeeding Partner's Toolkit", a guide to get you through the early weeks, would you keep it handy and reference it?
Please choose any/all that you'd REALISTICALLY attend:
Additional comments/questions/concerns you may have?
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