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August 2018

Below is the process to apply to become an LKP accredited managing agent.

Leasehold Knowledge Partnership Limited, of which Carlex is a part, is a company limited by guarantee (company number: 08999652) that is a registered charity (1162584) with the Charities Commission.

Although LKP members do not need to be members of any trade body, they are expected to comply with the spirit of the professional codes that exist for RICS, ARMA-Q and ARHM (Codes of Management Practice (Private Retirement Housing) (England) Order 2005, Statutory Instrument 2005 No 3307).

The document is not a test with a 100 per cent pass mark, but serves to identify your company’s approach to residential property management.

It is a basic assessment of good governance.

Managing agents who sign up with LKP wish to work with leaseholder managed blocks, either through resident management companies, RTMs or enfranchisement.

The LKP accredited companies vary in size from HML Holdings plc with 55,000 flats under management, to small companies just starting up.

LKP seeks to inform, educate and empower leaseholders. We routinely assist leaseholders, whether living in high-end central London, or retirement sites with social landlords in the North East.

It is to be hoped that the ethos of LKP is clear from the editorial of its website, and that sympathy with it is a reason to seek accreditation.

Its accreditation fees can be paid in the form of a tax efficient charitable donation.

Any queries can be addressed to:

Sebastian O’Kelly, Trustee


Martin Boyd, Trustee

T: 0208 480 0275; 07808 328 230

(Please contact us before filling in the form)

Company information
Name, address and phone number of company *
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Email address *
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How many units do you have under management *
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Is there any ownership connection between your company / companies, or family or other close relationship, and the freeholds that you manage? If so, please provide details *
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Which ombudsman scheme does your company belong to? *
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Has the ombudsman found against your firm in the last 12 months? *
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Do you manage properties predominantly for a single freehold owner? *
Do you have written management contracts at the properties that you manage? *
Can you provide leaseholder references for the blocks that you manage? These will be contacted by phone and vary in number between three and five, depending on the size of the company seeking accreditation. Please provide full details *
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Does your company own any supplier providing services to the block, such as surveying, insurance broking, cleaning etc. Please provide full details. *
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Are the service charge accounts for every site transparent and regularly provided, with no undue delays? *
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Do your accounts for all sites comply with ICAEW Tech 13/11 and where relevant FRED 50? *
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Do you collect the Ground Rent on behalf of the Lessor? *
Does full transparency exist in business relationships between yourselves as MA and contractors or subcontractors, including ownership and commission arrangements? This must include commissions payable to third parties, eg insurance brokers? *
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Do you hold in separate bank accounts the contingency funds for separate sites and are these bank statements made available to leaseholders if they wish to see them? *
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Are you able to supply details of all such funds, and the treatment of interest or other income accrued therefrom? (This is less an issue in this prolonged era of low interest rates, but was highly controversial in the 1990s.) *
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Are “development/block” bank account statements available for viewing by leaseholders if kept separately? If not separate, is the production of relevant figures available? *
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Do any of your developments have a warden, caretaker, or porter’s flat or office facilities? If so, is a notional rental income levied from the leaseholders: has the rental been independently checked against a minimum of two local valuers’ recommendations to establish fairness?
Your answer
Can you provide sample sight of full block accounts (not audited summary), and budgets, if required by LKP? *
If a financial complaint is raised, are you prepare to make available a particular development’s accounts for possibly up to three preceding years? *
Do you have a current professional Indemnity insurance certificate, or other evidence of insurance provision? *
Can you give an example of an S20 consultation notice sent/emailed to a group of leaseholders in the last 12 months?
Do you have available a statement of procedure, or could you define the procedure to LKP, of the presentation of the annual budget to residents, if requested
If you are managing freeholder-controlled developments, are your leaseholders encouraged to form a recognised residents’ association in those developments?
Are these residents’ associations encouraged to become members of the FPRA (the Federation of Private Residents’ Associations)?
Are the principles of these codes of practice generally complied with, even though these are currently unenforceable?
If an RA exists, is it acceptable to you that LKP reserves the right to talk to the committee?
Do you ensure that a number of multiple quotations are obtained for tendering of service provision eg Insurance, telecoms, window cleaning, gardening, electricity, decorating, or cleaning etc? Are you prepared to provide details of these to LKP, if required?
Is a full job description, contract and procedure manual for caretakers / porters / wardens (if employed by you) available for inspection by leaseholders?
Do you publish the office hours of such staff?
Do you provide contact details for other related agencies, eg local councils, utility companies etc.
Does it contain full contact details for relevant personnel in each department of your company?
Is there a notice board, or electronic version, available for leaseholders without interference from managing agents or freeholders?
Do you have a detailed written complaints procedure in place?
Have you received more than 10 complaints over the previous two years?
Do you maintain records of these?
Do you have a record of how they have been dealt with, including how long they have taken to resolve?
Is a leaseholder’s handbook for owners, residents or tenants available for viewing in all formats?
Is the RICS or ARMA or ARHM code available for reference and viewing?
Are the principles of these codes of practice generally complied with, even though these are currently unenforceable?
Do you have a guarantee of how long it takes to answer a leaseholder query on an urgent subject, possibly on maintenance, eg a plumbing problem?
Is there a copy of the Buildings Insurance Certificate on display in the Communal Area or is it supplied to each leaseholder?
Can Leaseholders see a copy of the full schedule on request?
Do you monitor the general state of the interior of developments including the redecoration schedule and cleaning on a regular basis?
Do you redecorate on a regular basis as required per the lease?
Do you meet current requirements of British Standard for fire doors?
Do you have a lift maintenance schedule and proof of servicing?
Is the condition of the communal parts maintained up to a standard approved by the majority of leaseholders?
Your answer
Is external decoration carried out on a regular basis as required?
Is there regular inspection of windows, drainpipes etc?
Is exterior window cleaning undertaken on a regular schedule? If not, is this in accordance with the lease?
Is fire prevention / safety equipment certification provided in accordance with the Fire Risk Assessment (especially if equipment is located on the roof)?
Does this include interior and exterior emergency lighting?
Are fire equipment supply and maintenance invoices available for viewing if required?
Have the residents been provided with a fire drill procedure?
Does the car parking management comply with British Car Parking Standards?
Is there any issue you wish to address as part of your accreditation application?
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