Anthrocon 2019 Dance Competition
If you're looking to sign-up for the Anthrocon 2019 Dance Competition, you've come to right place! Simply fill out the entire form below. You don't need to have your mix ready now - but you will need it on the day of Preliminaries.

Sign-ups are online ONLY - we will not be accepting in-person registrations.
Please ensure you also read and understand all rules of this Fursuit Dance Competition.

Important changes:
-We no longer have separate divisions for Novice, Veteran, and Team. All competitors will compete in one category, and are judged under the same division.
-Preliminaries will be conducted by choreography-audition, instead of freestyle. You must perform an original piece of your own choreography for both Preliminaries and Finals.

If you have any questions, please e-mail We hope to see you at Anthrocon!

Dancer Name(s) *
Name you are known by. If you are signing up as a team, put all team members' names.
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Name of the fursuit/team you will be performing as. This will also be the name you would be announced by in the Finals.
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By submitting this form, I agree that I have read and adhere by all rules set forth by the Dance Competition Rules, Terms & Conditions found in the form description, as well as those set forth by the Anthrocon Code of Conduct.
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