Restore PA Sign-On Letter
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Dear Governor Wolf,

We have reached the climatic tipping point. What we do over the course of the next twelve years will determine the fates of future generations. You will govern the state during what are arguably the most critical of those years. You have called climate change “one of the big issues we have to deal with”. We agree with the global science community that it is, in fact, the biggest issue.

We, the undersigned organizations collectively representing XXX thousands of Pennsylvanians, submit this letter to express our opposition to the Restore Pennsylvania program you announced on January 31st and call on you to withdraw your plans for it. Portions of the current plan are intended to expand the petrochemical and natural gas businesses in this state. Funding for the plan would come from a severance tax on fracking, so any parts of the plan that aim to improve the environment would be funded with dirty energy money. The program does not merely maintain a dangerous level of greenhouse gas production in Pennsylvania; it guarantees a deadly increase by institutionalizing fracking with a severance tax and creating new customers for petrochemicals and natural gas.

The need for decisive action on climate change has never been more urgent. The harms that unconventional hydraulic fracturing and related infrastructure have already caused in communities and to natural resources throughout the Commonwealth that make up the data sets of hundreds of peer-reviewed studies have gone unaddressed during your first term and continue to as your new term begins.

The leader we need is not one whose words understate the gravity of the climate crisis and whose actions betray the hollowness of those words. We have twelve years. We need a champion for the future. You have a Constitutional obligation to be that champion.


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