Application to Rehome an AKF rescue
The following steps will help you determine if there is a match between you and one of our rescues. All applicants will be screened and must meet certain qualifications before rehoming a dog or cat. Approval is based upon the understanding and acceptance of the nature of the rescued animal, the owner’s lifestyle, and their ability to house the pet properly.

If you are interested in rehoming a rescue, fill out this form and review some important points below.
Please visit our Facebook page for latest postings on our adoptables.
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Email *
General Requirements
1. Every applicant must complete this form.
2. Submit clear photos of your home to or
* Required house sections:
   - garage, porch, garden, or yard where the dog can go around;
   - front view shot of your house showing the gate and fences.
  - the area where your cat will stay
  - front view shot of your house showing the gate and fences.
3. The rehomed dog or cat must be provided with proper shelter and containment (fence, kennel, litter box).
4. You must also have an ID tag on your adopted pet at all times.
5. A rehoming donation of minimum of Php 500.00 will be required.
Important Information
1. All our rescues are neutered.
2. A compatible dog or cat may not be immediately available.
3. All applicants will be thoroughly screened and must meet certain qualifications before rehoming a rescue.
4. Filling out an application does not guarantee that we will place a dog or cat with you as not all homes are suitable for placement.
5. The center has the right to refuse any application. We strive to make wise and permanent placements for each and every rescues.
What we do when we receive your application:
1. Review your application.
2. Verify personal and veterinary references (if there is any).
3. Call you for a phone interview.
4. Schedule a home visit.

If your application is approved, we will contact you as soon as possible. Please be patient. Thank you!
Have you seen a dog or cat on our page, or during your shelter visit, that you are interested in? If so please tell us the name. *
Please put N/A if you want us to find you match.
Are you open to adopting another rescue (could be a puppy, adult, a senior dog, or cat) if in case your preferred adoptable is already taken? *
Please provide a few details about you
Name *
Family Name / First Name / Middle Name (eg. Dela Cruz, Juan Reyes)
Home Address *
House Number / Street / Barangay or Subdivision / City or Town
Province *
Do you own or rent your home? *
Mobile Number *
(0917 XXX XXXX)
Email Address *
yourname @ company (dot) com
Present Occupation *
Our Adoptable Dogs
Please answer the following questions truthfully.
What is your motivation in getting a pet? *
I want a dog/cat for... *
When travelling, who cares for the pet? *
Is your house properly fenced? *
(Must have no holes, gaps, or other openings in the fence)
What type of fence? *
How high is your fence? *
Answers may be estimates, must be in FT (eg. 6ft)
How will the dog exercise? *
Where will the dog/cat sleep? *
What food are you going to give? *
Do you have other pets or livestock? *
What other pets do you have? *
Name of Veterinarian or Animal Clinic *
Please write full name of Veterinarian or Animal Clinic.
Veterinary Contact Number *
May be mobile or landline.
How did you hear about AKF? *
⚠ Important
The information I have provided on this application is true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that if I willfully provide false information, my application may be denied.

By registering, I also allow AKF to contact me and use the information I have provided as reference in any future activities of the organization. This is in accordance with the current Data Privacy Act (RA 10173). Should I wish to stop receiving updates from AKF, I will send an email to them at
Do you agree? *
Thank you! We'll be in touch with you soon! :)
After finishing this form, applicant must email clear photos of their home both inside and out (garage, porch, yard, or garden where the dog can go around; plus the front view of your house showing the gate and fences) to or

Photos of our current adoptables may be seen here: or visit our Facebook page for latest postings on our adoptables.

For immediate concerns or if you wish to follow up your submission, contact 0939 914 2404 or email and
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