2019 Coastal WildScapes Survey
We are Celebrating 10 years as a Coastal Environmental Education Non-profit. To ensure we are serving our members and the greater coastal conservation community we are requesting feedback as we plan our 2019 Calendar and pursue this year's Theme - Looking Inland: Fire, Forests & Floodplains.
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Focus on Members
We want to hear from you our members on your experience of the Georgia coast as part of a "Coastal Stories" series. So send us paragraph or two with stories of what makes the Georgia coast special to you. It could even be about a particular event or activity with Coastal WildScapes that increased your appreciation for the natural world. We will post these on our website and highlight these in our social media throughout 2019 and beyond.

Please send your message along with a head shot to info@coastalwildscapes.org.

Get more involved!
Coastal WildScapes is run by an all volunteer board. Check out the current board on the "About Us" tab on the website. We strive to schedule meaningful educational lectures, field trips, native plant sales, and other activities to deepen your appreciation and stewardship of the natural world around you while also building community and connections among our members. We try to be good stewards of your financial contributions and would love to have you more involved!

This could be a position on our board, serve on a specific event committee (annual fundraiser, annual symposium, plant sale, field trip planning team, lunch and learn / evening lecture planning team, etc), or as a volunteer helping run one of our events. Please think about where your talents would be best put to use and the amount of time you can possibly serve. We could not do what we do with out you!

Either fill out a volunteer form on our Volunteer Page https://coastalwildscapes.wildapricot.org/VOLUNTEER Or send a message along with a description of how you would like to serve to info@coastalwildscapes.org.

Thanks to our members and sponsors we have had an amazing 10 years so far and want to make sure we continue to forge a solid future.

Eamonn Leonard - Coastal WildScapes chairman

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