Fosston Early Childhood Community Needs Assessment Survey
This survey is to help us guide our Early Childhood programming and assist with community initiatives where Early Childhood and Parenting are an integral part. This is set forth in Minnesota Statutes, section 124D.13 (a). If you have questions, please contact the Early Childhood Coordinator at 218-435-6335.
Family Type
Please check if you have children living in your home according to the following age groups.
Check all that apply.
Which of the following would be of use to you as a parent in our area?
Check as many as seem appropriate.
Known conditions that impact child/children's learning and development.
Children's learning is affected by many variables. Understand what is happening with children is an important factor in helping them reach their potential. Please check any of the following conditions that affect or have affected your child’s/childrens household in the past 12 months.
Did your child/children go to childcare in this past year? *
Are you looking for childcare? *
How far do you travel to bring your child/children to childcare?
What type of care do you have for your child/children?
Is your monthly child care payment
If you have children in childcare, how many children do you have in childcare?
Did your child/children participate in any of the following Early Childhood programs?
Check all that apply.
In your opinion, what are the most important needs of young children in our local communities?
Check all that apply.
What barriers, if any, may have existed for your participation in a community Early Childhood Program?
Check all that apply
Fosston offers 2 full days of School Readiness/Head Start combination classroom for 4-years-olds. How do you feel about the amount of time offered?
Do you know what resources are available in our community to assist with raising your child/children?
If Parent Education classes were available, would you participate?
Would you participate in an online Parenting class?
What do you know today about parenting that you wish someone would have told you when you became a parent.
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