Funding Assessment by Venture Handle
This investor evaluation will help founders to stand out, make founders "investor ready" and help them raise quickly.

Step 1: Submit the questionnaire. There are 20 questions that will help us to assess your venture.

Step 2: Once you submit the funding assessment. We will evaluate and send back the report within 24 hours. Report will include rating, actionable feedback, likely investor queries, gaps and opportunities.

Step 3: Plus, We will send your pitch to "best-fit" investors within 48 hours.

Get Rated and Get Noticed by Investors !
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Q1 How relevant is the experience of the founding team *
For example if the Startup works in Big data. Then what the experience of the team in Big data and related statistical fields
Q2 How many co-founders are there ? *
Q3 How many members have relevant education in the field? *
Q4 How long have the co founders known each other *
Q5 How would you rate the novelty of business idea? *
Is it being done today by anyone in the market
Q6 How mature is your start up? *
Q7 How would you rate you progress? *
Achievements/Users and customers
Q8 What is the direct addressable market? *
in $millions
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Q9 What is the indirect addressable market *
in $millions, Adjacent market- For example if your segment is hotels, what about bed and breakfast, service apartment, etc,,
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Q10 How many players are there in direct segment? *
No of direct competitors
Q11 Tell Us about your partners and alliances? *
Q12 Tell us about your delivery medium and adoption strategy?
How would you deliver online,mobile,mix of both. and How would you reach to your prospect users/customers
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Q13 Tell us about your Technology platform? *
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Q14 Do you have IP Protection? *
Q15 What would be the cost implication for users/customers to switch from your product/service? *
Q16 What is the capital requirement for any new incumbent *
Q17 What kind of R&D and product development capability is required? *
Q18 How many full time employees are there? *
Q19 Please provide the industry stack *
Q20 Please provide your revenue forecast in next 12 months ( in $)
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