Assessment for Funding
Please provide us the below details in order to assess the startup. This assessment will help the start up founders to understand the strengths and weakness from Investor's standpoint and help them to improve the chances to secure funding. Please note this score is not an indicator of success of the start-up but just a reflection of startups's potential to raise funds.
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There are 17 questions. Each question will help us to determine the funding maturity. Funding Intelligence & Rating Evaluation(FIRE) has been designed with inputs received from angel investors, VCs and Entrepreneurs. We will send back the assessment within 24 hours to you.

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Q1 How relevant is the experience of the founding team
For example if the Startup works in Big data. Then what the experience of the team in Big data and related statistical fields
Q2 How many co-founders are there ?
Q3 How many members have relevant education in the field?
Q4 How long have the co founders known each other
Q5 How would you rate the novelty of business idea?
Is it being done today by anyone in the market
Q6 How mature is your start up?
Q7 How would you rate you progress?
Achievements/Users and customers
Q8 What is the direct addressable market?
in $millions
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Q9 What is the indirect addressable market
in $millions, Adjacent market- For example if your segment is hotels, what about bed and breakfast, service apartment, etc,,
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Q10 How many players are there in direct segment?
No of direct competitors
Q11 Tell Us about your partners and alliances?
Q12 Tell us about your delivery medium and adoption strategy?
How would you deliver online,mobile,mix of both. and How would you reach to your prospect users/customers
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Q13 Tell us about your Technology platform?
Select more than one options
Q14 Do you have IP Protection?
Q15 What would be the cost implication for users/customers to switch from your product/service?
Q16 What is the capital requirement for any new incumbent
Q17 What kind of R&D and product development capability is required?
Q18 How many full time employees are there?
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