Earth Ethics Institute Service-Learning Pre Survey 2016-17
Check out our complete list of service opportunities on our website here:

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What MDC campus do you attend?
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Course Number + Title:
Please provide the course number of the class you are completing service-learning for. (Example: INR 2002, International Relations). If you are volunteering independently without a class, please put 'Individual.'
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How many hours are you required to complete this semester?
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What areas are you interested in doing your service in?
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Have you participated in community service prior to this semester?
Have you ever participated in an Earth Ethics Institute service-learning project?
If so, please indicate year, semester, and project.
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What is your availability?
Please indicate day of the week and time (for example, Tues 10-11:30, W afternoon...), and if you are available on weekends.
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Do you have a mode of transportation for off-campus events?
I have a strong understanding about our local food system, community social justice, and environmental issues.
I believe service-learning will have a positive effect on my college experience.
I believe that service-learning can introduce me to new career paths and opportunities.
I believe that volunteering and service-learning can make a difference in my community.
I believe that becoming part of a learning community or peer support group will help me make college friends.
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