Dask Applications Survey

This form invites you to share about the problems that you solve with Dask.

We want to highlight real-world applications of Dask to show to larger user communities and to possible funding agencies so that they can better understand when Dask might or might not be appropriate for their work. When deciding on a technology it's helpful to hear from people within your community, so as an experienced Dask user you are probably the best suited to explain the costs and benefits of Dask to your peers.

We may want to share some of these responses, either with individual groups or with the broader public. Please do not share anything that you would mind being passed on. Feel free to answer as much or as little of this form as makes sense for you. Answers below can be one-liners, or longer multi-paragraph responses with more details (preferred).

We appreciate your time on this. Your effort here is valuable to the Dask project.

Who are you, and for what group do you work?
A group might be a company, collaboration, open source project, or whatever effort you are involved in that uses Dask, if any. Leave this blank if you wish to remain anonymous.
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What problem are you trying to solve ?
Describe your problem as you would describe it to a colleague in your field. Feel free to use technical jargon. Please focus on the domain problem here rather than on how you solve your problem with Dask. We ask more about how you solve things with Dask in the next section.
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How does Dask help you to solve your problem?
Answers that include both high level descriptions as well as detailed features would be welcome.
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Why did you choose Dask originally? Have these reasons changed over time?
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What are some of the pain points of using Dask for your problem?
What are some of the unexpected costs of adopting the project?
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What is some of the technology that you use around Dask?
How do you operationalize it? How do you deploy it? What kinds of hardware do you use? Did you have to add security? What are technical choices that you made that others like you should probably think about.
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Are you interested in expanding your description above into a blogpost in the future?
Is there anything else we should know?
Links to existing blogposts? Groups we should reach out to? Your favorite issue that you'd like to see resolved?
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