Homework Quiz Retake Form: Online Learning

Please answer the questions below, and email me a copy of this form. I will email you a link to the retake quiz! You may retake each quiz ONCE, during any retake time offered. The retake will be live for one week: please email me any questions you have or come to my video office hours if you need help!

This form is for RETAKING quizzes only: not for quizzes you missed and need to make up. To make up a missed quiz simply take the quiz and submit it late! Though I have due dates, I do except quizzes late with no credit lost for being late
Purpose of filling out this form:
The retake form is designed to get you thinking about how you learn, and to help you problem solve! This is even more important now that we have switched to online classes. I strongly believe that the scientific method is actually a way of coming at any issue in life, and taking control of your own success. And I am using this form to try to get you to apply it to your quiz grades in biology! Here is how:

Step 1: Analyze Data Your original score is your data.

Step 2: Creating a hypothesis Why do you think you got that score, based on identifying factors that caused the data Use the options in the form to think about factors that can have effected your score

Step 3: Test your hypothesis make a change to that factor, and prepare for the next quiz differently. There are suggestions for this on the form too!

Step 4: Analyze the Results What is your score this time?

Step 5: Draw conclusions did the change help?

And then repeat the process until you have the desired outcome!
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What period are you in? *
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Which weekly quiz are you retaking? *
What was the learning goal of this quiz? *
Did you earn the score you expected on this quiz? *
How will you prepare yourself to get a better score on this retake? Please describe any study plans you have *
What actions/behaviors/mistakes caused you to earn this score? Check all that apply, or add your own. BE HONEST!! *
How you will correct these actions/behaviors/mistakes for the NEXT QUIZ? *
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