Morgan State University School of Engineering STEAM Labs Summer Camp
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Application FEE: $50.00/week (Cash only due on the first day of camp if accepted)
Camp Hours: 9am – 5pm (M-F) (Free Lunch will be provided on a daily basis)
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Parents’ Agreement of Participation and Consent:
As the parent/guardian, I agree to be involved in the on-line summer course program with my daughter/son for the Summer 2012. I understand that this course is an off-campus course, but will require weekly visits to Morgan State University for assessment and assistance (only if student resides in the Baltimore area). It is my understanding that while my daughter/son is at the University, she/he will be subject to the regulations of MSU and the Program. I understand that should a health emergency arise, I will be notified, but if I cannot be reached by telephone, such medical treatment as deemed necessary by competent medical personnel will be authorized.
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Application Deadline: June 4, 2012
For additional information, contact (Email preferred) to:

Dr. Yacob Astatke (Program Director)
(443) 885-4208
Morgan State University - School of Engineering
1700 East Cold Spring Lane, Baltimore, Maryland 21251
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