Chronic Illness and Sex
As a Christian who writes and speaks about sexual intimacy in marriage, I often hear from wives who struggle with chronic illness.

I am asking for your help in giving me insight and information to help me help these women. Most questions in this survey are open-ended, because there is so much I don't yet know. Pause when you need to so you can rest and reflect; you can return to the survey again later.

This survey is anonymous. If you are willing to be contacted with follow-up questions, please include your email address where indicated. If you have questions about how I am using this information, please feel free to contact me at
Which of the following best describes your experience with chronic illness and sex?
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What medical conditions or treatments have contributed to your chronic pain or illness, and for how many years have you been dealing with this?
Which of the following are you able to experience without pain or discomfort? Check all that apply.
Which of the following are you able to experience without impacting your energy level? Check all that apply.
What positions or activities are completely off limits due to your illness or pain?
What positions or activities are tolerable or even comfortable, but not pleasurable, due to your pain or illness?
What positions or activities work best for you?
Do you use assistive devices or marital aids to help you have intercourse or other sexual activity with your husband?
If applicable, what assistive devices do you use? Examples might include such things as a sex swing, vibrator, penis sleeve, sex furniture, or sex pillows.
How does sexual activity affect your pain and/or energy level, and for how long?
How has your chronic illness or pain affected your marriage overall?
What advice about sex do you have for other Christian wives with chronic conditions?
Is there anything else you wish I had asked or that you would like to share?
If you are willing to be contacted if I have follow-up questions, you may include your email address here. This information will be kept confidential.
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