Bayern Survey: Kovac is out. What next?
A short-notice quick survey regarding Kovac's departure and what comes next.
Niko Kovac's time as manager of Bayern Munich has come to an end. In general, do you think this was the right decision?
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On a scale of 1-10, rate Kovac's time at Bayern Munich on the whole.
Worst manager in club history
Best manager in club history
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Who is your preferred candidate to become the next manager of Bayern Munich?
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Bayern are currently 4th in the Bundesliga, with 18 points after 10 matches. Currently, Gladbach lead with 22 points. Where do you predict Bayern will finish in the league?
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Bayern have drawn Hoffenheim at home in the DFB-Pokal Round of 16. Where do you predict Bayern will finish in the Pokal?
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Bayern sit atop group B with 9 points after three matches in the Champions League. Where do you predict Bayern will finish in the UCL?
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Overall, do you feel Bayern's chances at silverware have improved or declined as a result of today's decision?
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State of the club: What is your current worry/panic level? *
Not at all worried
Freaking out, very worried!
How has your overall 'mood' regarding the team changed? *
Bonus question: With Sule and Hernandez suffering back-to-back serious injuries, should Bayern be shopping for a CB in the winter transfer window?
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