Teen Subscription Box (Sign up for March and April)
Danville Public Library has a new and improved book club for area teens! This new model will blend elements of a monthly subscription box with elements of a traditional book club. Each subscription will last two months and then one month will be taken off. Teens who sign up will be required to complete an online questionnaire after they have finished reading the book. At the end of each month, an in-person party/adventure/etc will be held to discuss the book. We have a limited number of boxes so please let us know why we should choose you to participate!

Current Subscription Box Month's and Themes
March: The Selection by Kiera Cass
April: Throne of Glass by Sarah Maas

*All of this is possible due to a grant from the Danville Public Library Foundation.*
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We have a limited number of boxes to give out each month, so everyone who signs up may not get a box. Why should Teen Zone staff choose you to get the December/January boxes over someone else who applies? *
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