Lunch Preferences for the Regional Science Olympiad at Oakton on Mar. 23, 2019
To coaches, event supervisors, scorers, event volunteers, and presenters:

Oakton is pleased to host the regional Science Olympiad.

To help us order enough food, indicate your lunch preferences below by
10am, Monday, Mar. 18.

Encourage other coaches, event supervisors, scorers, and volunteers to complete this form as soon as possible.

(A morning refreshment of bagels, cream cheese, fresh whole fruits, build-your-own yogurt parfait, coffee, tea, juice, and water will also be served in the Hospitality Room.)


Contact Gloria Liu at if you have any questions.

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If you are a coach or event supervisor, please specify the division your team is competing and/or the division(s) your event(s) serves.
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A sandwich lunch will be provided. Please indicate your sandwich preference: *
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(Oakton is committed to sustainability. As the result of a student-led initiative, we are no longer providing/selling water in plastic bottles. We encourage you to bring your own water bottle to fill up at one of our many filtered hydration stations.)
Lunch will be served between 11 and 1. Please indicate if you will pick up or eat your lunch in the Hospitality Room or if you would like your lunch delivered to the event you are supervising between 11a and 1p. *
If you will not be able to get to lunch between 11a and 1p and would like your lunch delivered to your event, please select "Other" and specify the name of event you will be supervising between 11a and 1p. Hospitality is in Room 1502, next to Scoring Room 1505.
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