Learn to Read and Write Quranic Arabic in 4 Weeks
The Caribbean Muslim Network is offering a FREE online 4 week course on 'Learn to Read and Write Quranic Arabic'.

Completing this course will help you:
• Read any vowelled Arabic script
• Read any Qur’anic text
• Understand rules of tajwid or Qur’anic recitation
• Write the Arabic script from dictation
• Have a sound base for the further study of Arabic

Who is the course for?
For adults and young people (over 7 years), male and female
No prior knowledge of the Arabic script required¨

Classes will be conducted online twice per week with other optional tutorials as necessary.
All students must register on the LMS of caribbeanmuslim.net (to gain access to course material- videos, audios and course notes)

Dr Riza Mohammed

Sunday 1st Novemeber 3PM EST/ 7 PM London Time

Weekly Classes
Sundays 3PM EST + One Weekdayclass (day and time to be decided)

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