Project HomeWorks Registration Form for Ad-hoc Individual Volunteers
(form version: 17-Sep-2020)
Project HomeWorks is Habitat for Humanity Singapore’s local volunteer programme where we work with vulnerable persons and families who need help to rehabilitate their homes into a safe and sanitary state. We do this through the support of like-minded volunteers who help us in the areas of intensive cleaning, packing, reorganising, painting and eliminating pest infestation. Read more at

[Ad-hoc Volunteer's Job Scope]
By signing up as an ad-hoc volunteer, you can expect to be helping out with activities like (inclusive but not limited to):
- Intensive cleaning of rooms, kitchens & toilets
- Re-painting of stained walls & doors, as well as rusty metal gates
- Organising and/or disposal of items (sometimes require heavy lifting)
- Caulking (or sealing up) gaps between walls & electrical casings to eliminate bedbug hiding spots
- Setting up basic furniture like metal bed frames & plastic storage boxes

[Important Notes]
1) Due to the challenging emotional and physical aspects of our work, all Project HomeWorks volunteers must be at least 15 years of age as of project date.
2) Do also be informed that by signing up as an ad-hoc volunteer:
i. Project date, time and location may be subjected to change.
ii. Submitting this form does NOT confirm your slot automatically - we can be over-subscribed!
iii. You may not be tagged with your same group of friends, even if you signed up together for the same area - please understand that the needs for each case in each area is different and we hope to assign the resources to best meet those needs. So come with an open heart to serve and an open mind to meet and learn from new like-minded friends!

[Mode of Communication]
We will send you an email approximately 5 working days before project date to confirm on your participation. We will also contact you soonest should there be a change in project date, time and location. So, please remember to save our email "*" in your address book so that we don't end up in your email's junk folder!

[Donation Requirement]
Habitat for Humanity Singapore works hard to ensure that Project HomeWorks is well-planned and coordinated, so that our homeowners and volunteers are kept safe while being engaged productively during every project.
To help keep Project HomeWorks sustainable, all ad-hoc individuals signing up as volunteers are required to contribute a minimum donation of $20 (working adult) / $10 (full-time student, up to tertiary level). These donations will be used to support Project HomeWorks in the following areas:
- Procuring supplies & basic furniture
- Engaging professional services like pest control
- Volunteer safety and well-being
- Programme management and coordination

Alternatively, if you would like to sponsor the full costs of transforming a single home or to support an entire project, please write in to us at and/or click here to donate ->
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