Project HomeWorks for Individuals
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Due to the challenging emotional and physical aspects of our work, all Project HomeWorks volunteers must be aged 15 years and above on the date of volunteering.

Habitat for Humanity Singapore works to ensure that all Project HomeWorks sessions are well planned and coordinated, safe and constructive for volunteers. At the same time, individuals signing up as volunteers are required to raise a minimum donation of $10 (full-time student, up to tertiary level) / $20 (working adult) towards the cost of Project HomeWorks. The donations will be used to help support Project HomeWorks in the following ways:
- Cleaning & Painting Supplies, & Basic Furniture
- Professional services
- Volunteer Safety
- Programme Coordination

If you would like to sponsor the full-costs of a home clean-up or a youth session, please write in to us at

Do be informed that by signing up as individuals:
1) Session and location may be subjected to change.
2) Slots are on a first-come-first-serve basis.
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