Advance Squad Booking Requests Jan 1st - December 24th 2021
Please use this form to send us your advance booking request for squad sessions, you are able to do this from December 4th 2020 onwards.. 

The current period of advance booking ends at the end of the year (not including any Christmas sessions as these will need to be booked independently).  Please fill in this form to request a renewal of your advice booking for the first half of 2021. 

Advance booking simply means that we will book you into the sessions you request from January 2021 until June 30th 2021, so you are guaranteed a spot in that squad every week.  This is ideal if you swim in the same sessions each week as you won't miss out on a space.   However advance booking slots are allocated on a first come first served basis as well, so get this form back to me ASAP.

Key points on advance booking for your reference:
1.  You DO NOT have to pay for the session up front.  The normal process of session credit packs applies and when you get near to / or have run out of session credits you will receive a notification from us to top them up.  I highly recommend you request auto renew for your session payments, as this will just keep topping them up as you use the packs.  Please top up ASAP the. you run out as otherwise it causes a lot more work for me in the background.
2.  Advance booking changes the way the system works for you as you don't need to book into squads, but you do need to cancel any you cant make.  it is your responsibility to cancel sessions you cant attend.  
3.  All cancellation and no show policies are still in force, so make sure you cancel sessions you cant make.
4.  Session must be cancelled through the booking system or mobile app by the swimmer.  We are unable to cancel them for you.
5.  You can advance book as many squads as you wish.  We will book in a block from our first session in January through to 30th June only (we cannot adjust start and finish dates)
6.  Continuous no shows for advance booked sessions may mean that we delete the advance booking slot to free up space in the squad.

As you know some sessions are very busy (I think Tuesdays is mainly advance booked) so I hope advance booking provides you with the knowledge of getting your swim timetable stable :)
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