Jesus 4 Real Ministries Leadership & Supporting Roles Application

This year the Jesus 4 Real Elisha Team (Organisational team) have been having a year of jubilee. Recently we have refined the vision statement for the ministry and created a new vision as to how the camps will operate as long time organisers Anne & Andy Lovell step back.
Part of this is creating a wider team including new members added to the 'core' team, members who will contribute to a lesser extent (maybe just attending camp or having a smaller role), and people who will be in supporting roles such as prayer, finance, registrations, running a session or activities, etc.

On the 24th/25th of October (Labour Weekend) we are having a vision day/weekend where we will introduce you to the vision of Jesus4Real, the organisational structure, as well as opportunities for prayer, fellowship, discussions, and discernment opportunities to help you find your place within the wider team.

We will discern all applications and be in contact with you to discuss.
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Feel free to pick more than 1 if you are not sure on specific option (Max 2). This is just a general indication at this stage to give us an understanding of your current 'intentions'.
If there are any particular areas (which relate to your selection above) you would like to serve please mention below.
You may not know how exactly you would like to help. The Vision weekend at the end of October will include sessions and discernment opportunities to help you.
What are your skills, talents, hobbies etc. that will contribute to this ministry that you think will are worth letting us know about?
Are you able to make the Vision day/weekend on the 24th/25th of October in Wellington.
The current plan is to hold the retreat from Late Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon. Attendance is most important to those who are called to be involved in the Elisha Team, however for those only involved in supporting the camp it may not be as important to attend.
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