October 12th - 14th, come play and drink some of America's best wine with comedy people from all over America in one of America's sweetest and most beautiful rural wonderlands! While here, all performers will be able to enjoy complimentary wine tastings, discounts from sponsors and local businesses, and after-parties hosted by our wine and nightlife scene. It's our hope that your time here leaves you renewed, revitalized, and refreshed upon return to your home and the comedy trenches.

Sonoma Laughfest accepts submissions from stand-up comedians**, improv and sketch groups, musical comedy acts, and alternative comedy acts. Fill out this form to submit yourself, your team, or your group. If you wish to submit in several categories, please do a separate application for each (you do not need to pay the submission fee more than once). After you complete and send this form, click the PayPal button at the bottom of the page to pay the submission fee. All applicants will be contacted by July 16th at the latest.

NEW THIS YEAR: We'll be playing much larger venues (320 - 440 seats), so ALL ACTS WILL BE AMPLIFIED. Only submit if you are comfortable with either a handheld mic or wireless over-the-ear body mic.

In 2019, we'll be continuing Sonoma Laughnights, which are more intimate shows in various wine country locations. These are paid shows and we hire from our family of Sonoma Laughfest performers for these shows. We have 36 of these scheduled for 2019. Performing at Sonoma Laughfest isn't a guarantee that any one act will be hired for Sonoma Laughnights, but it is the path toward the pipeline for those shows, as we are loyal to and appreciative of our Laughfest family of performers.

WE'D LIKE TO SEE MORE OF: comedy acts involving music, comedy dance teams, teams of any comedy genre comprised of 3 people or less, improv shows with a theme, teams that do both sketch and improv, and Bay Area comedy acts of every genre

*The shuttle makes one round-trip journey each evening from the hotel to the festival and back.

**STAND-UPS: Watching hundreds of submission videos over a few days reveals some trends, the most prevalent being that the overwhelming majority of stand-up submissions include Tinder/online dating bits or penis bits. In past years, we've had to pass on some really great people because we need to have more varied content in the festival. If you feel like this is your strongest work, by all means submit it, but if you have other work you feel equally confident about, please show us that. Thank you!


Submission Deadline ($26) - June 29th
Acceptance Notifications - July 16th
Festival - October 12th-14th

If you have any issues/problems with this form, please contact our Executive Producer, Brooke Tansley, at

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