USA Chidon HaTanach 5780/2020 - School Registration
Thanks for signing up! For more information about the chidon, check out our blog here: Each participating school/club must complete this form once. (At this point, there is no need to register individual students unless you are a private registrant). Each participating school/club must register again every year. Please direct any questions to Dovi Nadel at
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If your school doesn't participate and you need to register independently please write "Private Registrant" and refer to the bottom of the form. If you belong to a group of students who study together in a club outside of a formal school framework, you must only register once for the entire group. In this case, please include a title to identify the group (e.g. "Minnesota Chidon Study Group").
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Division *
Jewish Day School students are normally required to participate in the Hebrew Divisions. Community Day Schools can contact the coordinator to request permission to participate in the English Division
Name of Chidon Coach/Teacher/Proctor *
This is the chidon coach or other school official who wishes to receive Chidon correspondences. For private registrants, put the email of the person who will be administering the Chidon exams (i.e. NOT a parent)
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Chidon Coach / Teacher / Proctor's email address *
All Chidon exams will be sent to this address
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Additional School Emails (optional)
Schools may put a second email if they would like the exams and other information be send to an administrator or administrative assistant. If you wish to enter multiple addresses here, please separate them with a semi-colon
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School Mailing Address *
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Chidon Registration Fee *
The funds used from this registration fee are used in order to maintain the Chidon Ha'Tanach and continue to enhance the National Finals. This fee also helps cover the Chidon practice books that we will be sending out for the first time this year in late August. If you are registering as a private registrant or as a club/school with less than three students, please click the second link for the rate of 40 dollars per student. The flat rate for all other remaining schools/clubs is 100 dollars. All payments should be submitted via the paypal links below. Be in touch if that poses a problem. Feel free to register now and pay at a later point to make sure you don't miss out on any important communications.
Please list the email of the account paying registration fee (this is purely for record purposes)
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Private Registrants ONLY - Name of Private Registrant's Parent
If your child's school doesn't offer Chidon, and you are therefore registering privately, then you may sign up for a parent to receive Chidon correspondences. Schools should NOT register a parent email
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Private Registrant's ONLY- Private Registrants' Parent Email
If your child's school doesn't offer Chidon, and you are therefore registering privately, then you may sign up for a parent to receive Chidon correspondences. This option is for Private Registrants ONLY. Schools should not register a parent email
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