Meet ups and Buddy systems with Volt Denmark
We want to know how you would like to get better connected to Volt - through our buddy systems or by attending meet-ups (digital until Covid19 permits otherwise). Let us know and sign up to Get a Buddy or Be a Buddy!
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The structure and roles of Volt DK
Volt Danmark is currently structured around 3 core teams - City Leads, Communication team and Community Leads.
The City Leads lead the events on city level, organise and coordinate events and build their team.
Communication team lead the national communication efforts and support the city leads efforts to make Volt known. The Community team work on national level, building and supporting Buddies in the buddy system and link up with the European Community level.

It is our ambition that short-term projects, like fundraising projects or political debates, will develop into actual teams that can liaise with our other Volt chapters and the European level.
Organigram for Volt Danmark
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Buddy System
The Buddy system is to make sure new Volters have a designated contact person for the first two months of being in Volt. As a buddy, you should be pro-active and encourage new Volters to seek out the opportunities that Volt Europa offers.
The Buddy explained!
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