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I’d like to see Stronger and Open Communication by forging a partnership in creating a clearinghouse of information on all safety and health events, programs and projects.
I’d like to see a group of Topic Experts to speak on public safety and health issues and partner with organizations to host the programs, i.e. Library or School District.
I’d like to see nonprofit mental health resources for the public (health services, educational services) promoted on social media and other channels of communication.
I’d like to see nonprofit agencies work together with the County on providing emergency preparedness or site safety plans for UCT businesses, i.e. Rite Aid for late employees’ safety.
I’d like to see a Community Safety Awareness Group that provides tips for neighbors on how to watch out for each other.
I’d like to see HUD, Housing Alliance, Mediation and similar agencies work with Landlords to address possible funds, safety, infrastructure, facades for benefit of tenants and community at large.
I’d like to see more promotion of the Helping Hands program that benefits seniors with outside maintenance.
I’d like to see more promotion of existing youth programs with Fire and Police organizations through other media channels.
I’d like to see more promotion of 911 for non-emergency (and emergency) situations and increase the use of Delco Alert.
I’d like to see businesses improve lighting, cameras and landscaping for the safety of their patrons and employees.
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