Entry Level HR Survey
I'm currently writing an essay targeting entry level HR professionals and how they can get their first experience and/or job. That's where you come in. I am looking for insights and ideas to help ensure this information is extremely useful for them. The people reading this are the ones you might hire one day, so talk in terms of what you are looking for! I appreciate your help and support, and I know the next generation of HR pros does as well. This survey should take 3-5 minutes to complete.
Would you allow an entry level HR candidate to use non-work examples in lieu of paid HR experience?
Ex: college coursework and/or projects, volunteer experience, etc.
Please rate these potential experience "alternatives" for entry level HR candidates in order from most to least important.
Most Important (1)
Least Important (7)
Business-related internships (outside HR)
Management/supervisory experience (outside HR)
Administrative experience (outside HR)
Volunteering with a nonprofit HR team
Staffing/recruiting experience
Temping in an HR department
College coursework/projects
Which of the following makes entry level HR applicants more attractive as candidates?
Select all that apply
How can an entry level HR person demonstrate their qualifications for a job opening?
What work samples, interview questions, or other requests do you use to ensure someone has the proper qualifications for an entry level HR role? In other words, how does a candidate prove to you that they are qualified?
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Any other comments about what are you looking for in an entry level HR professional in terms of skills, knowledge, and capabilities?
These are the specific qualities that you have or would hire for if you needed an entry level HR person on your team. This advice will be shared with entry level HR professionals around the world, so what would you tell them?
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What's your name?
I will use this to attribute the comments to you if posted in the blog. If you prefer to remain anonymous, leave this blank.
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Solving the problem
I'm considering developing a short course that provides case studies, real-life examples, and common HR problems as a virtual learning environment. At the end of the course, students would be able to comprehend and complete some basic HR assistant tasks: completing an I9 form, screening resumes, perform research for policies, organize an employee file/folder, and coach a manager on how to handle an employee performance issue. How would you feel about an entry level HR candidate gaining this hands-on, practical experience via a course like this? Remember, a college education is good, but it rarely helps to provide these types of basic practical skills necessary to function as an HR professional.
If you said, "No" to the previous question, what, if anything, would change your mind? In other words, if this isn't the answer to the problem of how to get experience without a job, what is the answer? If you said, "Yes" and have additional thoughts, feel free to expand on them here.
I'm eager to learn what your thoughts are on this topic!
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With regard to the previous questions, what skills, knowledge, etc. would you like to be taught to these future HR pros to help get them ready for their first HR role?
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