Interfusion Festival Community Incident Reporting Form
Use this form to report consent incidents, including boundary-crossings, inappropriate behavior, harassment or violations of the community's Consent Code of Conduct, experienced or witnessed, at events and beyond. No incident is too big or too small. Reporting builds awareness, strengthens our community and empowers others to do the same. All of your answers will be held strictly confidential to the organizers and Consent Team unless you give explicit consent otherwise. Please refer to the Interfusion Consent Code of Conduct:
Where the incident(s) took place *
When the Incident took place (if you are unsure of the exact date and time, please provide an approximate time) *
Please describe in more detail exactly where and when did this incident take place? Please provide room name (if at the Festival Venue, or the equivalent if outside of festival grounds), and any other specifics about location or timing of incident. *
What happened? Please provide a detailed description of the incident(s) you want to bring to our attention. I.e. What boundaries were crossed? What did you not feel comfortable with? *
Who was the other person(s) involved? This could be the boundary crosser and/or the impacted person (if not you). If you don't know their name(s), or if you wish to keep their identity confidential, please state so here. Alternatively, if you would like us to follow up with them, please give their name(s) and any contact information you have for them. *
Did anyone else witness this incident or behavior? Please be specific about individuals.
Have you, or do you intend to, follow up with the person(s) involved on your own? *
Do you feel unsafe around the person(s) involved in incident(s)?
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What sort of response would you like? *
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