PCO Chairperson Event/ Committee Recap Form
Thank you so much for organizing, planning and running an event for ECS!  We rely on great, motivated volunteers to make our school a vibrant, fun place to be.  We are asking that all event chairs (or co-chairs) complete this Event Recap Form.  We hope that it will be useful when new volunteers take on a committee as well as just a way to stay organized and informed.  Any information is welcome- the more you can pass on, the better.  Thank you again!  
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Name of event/ committee *
Chairperson(s) names and email address(es) *
Date held *
Approximately how many event participants (how many people attended) did you have? *
What was your budget? *
How much did you spend?  What budget would you propose for next year?  Please explain, if necessary.
Did you receive donations from businesses for your event?  How did you solicit them? *
Please also list any businesses contacted.  We don't want to ask the same business for multiple contributions in a year so we need a master list.
How many members of the committee? *
Was this enough?  What would be ideal?
How many day of volunteers did you have? *
Was this enough?  What would be ideal?
What duties did you have for volunteers/ what were there responsibilities?  Please be specific.  Planning, set up, during event, clean up, post event... *
This information will give your predecessor a good idea of how to manage volunteers.
Did you use student volunteers?  If so, how did you coordinate with them? *
Please share any successes, challenges or ideas for using student volunteers.
How did you recruit volunteers?  Facebook, Wed. Word, flyers, PCO meeting, room parents...? *
Did you use Sign Up Genius or similar to organize volunteers? *
Explain any advertising used (type, location, time intervals).   *
Please forward a copy of all flyers used to volunteer@ecspco.org for our records.
List supplies/ materials, time, manpower required for the event.  Paper goods, tables, extension cords, chairs, cash box, tents, office supplies, refreshments... *
What was the best success of the event?  (Feel free and include a few!) *
What were the challenges of the event?  What didn't go well? *
What suggestions do you have to improve the event?
Any additional comments? *
How could the PCO and/ or school better support the event?
Did you read the Chairperson Checklist for your event?   *
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