NAHS PARTners and ART CLUB Donors Application

Thank you for your interest in the PAEA/PATA PARTners program. Please read the following then complete and submit the form below.

We are all aware of the lack of sufficient funding in Philadelphia School District art classrooms. Pennsylvania Art Education Association and Philadelphia Art Teachers Alliance are working together to bridge the gap in art education in the greater Philadelphia region. NAHS chapters are invited to adopt an art teacher in the Philadelphia School District to help stock their art room (or cart) with precious supplies.

How does it work?
Chapters will receive information and a wish list from a teacher in need. Chapters will collect/purchase art supplies and cash. Cash should be used by the chapter to purchase more supplies, not sent to the teacher. Chapters are responsible for sending the care package directly to the teacher. Or better yet, set up a day to meet with them and hand them over in person. Chapters can adopt as many art teachers as they like.

Timeframe for 2015
In order to get help to teachers in a timely manner, we are following this timeline:
Nov. 1-10 NAHS chapter and teachers in need sign up with google form to participate.
Nov. 11-15 Schools will be paired up.
Nov 16 Chapters and teachers are notified of their partnership.
Nov 16-Dec. 4 Chapters collect supplies.
Dec 4-11 Deliver supplies - Happy Holidays!

Try to get most of the items on the list, let your students know and organize who is bringing certain items.

Only send new, quality supplies.

Pass out Michaels coupons at your NAHS meetings.

Collect cash then send out student shoppers to buy more supplies.

Questions? Contact Robin Brewer

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    Thank you for sponsoring!

    You will receive an email on November 16 with your benefactor's information and wish list.