Permanent staff pledge to defend casualised staff
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We, the undersigned permanent members of staff at UK universities and colleges, pledge our solidarity with and practical support for casualised colleagues at risk of losing their jobs and incomes in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

Casualisation in UK universities is a long-standing scandal, but the present crisis has turned it into an emergency. Facing a projected loss of income in the marketised higher education system, and with a government bailout still nowhere in sight, universities are preparing to solve their short-term budget crises by laying off thousands of casualised workers and passing on their work to already overburdened permanent staff. These mass layoffs are not a hypothetical possibility: they are happening now, and soon it may be too late to stop them.

These layoffs would have devastating effects on the livelihoods and career prospects of casualised staff, and  major negative consequences for the future of teaching and research in UK universities. This prospect is all the more alarming given that women and people of colour are significantly over-represented among casualised workers compared with the workforce as a whole, which means that job losses would make our already unequal universities even more unequal and even less diverse places to work and study. The consequences would also be severe for our students, who would not only lose contact with valued teachers who have taught them in previous years, but see a decline in teaching quality as already overstretched teaching staff are expected to take on greater workloads.

We refuse to stand idly by and watch this happen. While we want our employers to see this injustice and to act to avoid it, we are not holding our breath. While we call on the government to offer a bailout of UK universities, we will not hide behind this demand. While we are pressuring our UCU leadership to launch an effective campaign to bring political and industrial pressure to bear on our employers and the government, we will not wait before taking practical action now to help our colleagues.

Specifically, we make seven pledges:

1. To resist by whatever practical means the reallocation of work away from casualised colleagues to permanent staff. We will do this on grounds of health and safety, equality impact, breach of collective bargaining/organisational change procedures, contractual terms and conditions, teaching quality and student complaints, following guidance laid out by activists in local UCU branches:

2. To lodge, if and where necessary, collective and/or individual grievances if we are asked to take on the work of casualised colleagues who are being laid off.

3. To insist that any budget cuts start from the top of the salary scale, so that reductions in senior management and professorial salaries above the threshold for UCU collective bargaining come before job losses.

4. To listen to the experiences and demands of our casualised colleagues, amplifying their voices and speaking up for them wherever possible, and to express solidarity with any local action taken by casualised workers in our workplace.

5. To vote to reject the current, unacceptable offer on casualisation arising from the ongoing Four Fights dispute in any member consultation.

6. To campaign for and vote for any industrial action proposed in a ballot by UCU nationally or locally to defend casualised workers and resist further casualisation.

7. To publicly support the demands of the Corona Contract campaign at all opportunities, including on social media, in email signatures, and in departmental and administrative forums, in professional associations, academic governing bodies and union branches.


1. James Eastwood   Queen Mary University of London
2. Paul O'Connell   SOAS, University of London
3. Kerem Nişancıoğlu   SOAS, University of London
4. Elian Weizman   London South Bank University
5. Nithya Natarajan   Kings College London
6. Jamie Woodcock   Open University
7. Christina Paine   London Metropolitan University
8. Suzanne Cohen   London Metropolitan University
9. Paul Anderson   Queen Mary University of London
10. Mike Finn   University of Exeter
11. Vicky Blake   University of Leeds and UCU President
12. Marion Hersh   University of Glasgow
13. Mariya Ivancheva   University of Liverpool
14. Jo McNeill   University of Liverpool
15. Mabel Encinas   London Metropolitan University
16. Joseph Kohlmaier   London Metropolitan University
17. Sean Wallis   University College London
18. Rupert Waldron   London College of Fashion
19. Tanzil Chowdhury   Queen Mary University of London
20. Nivi Manchanda Queen Mary university of London
21. Sharri Plonski Queen Mary University of London
22. Nivi Manchanda Queen Mary university of London
23. Gideon Queen Mary University of London
24. Laura Chuhan Campbell Durham University
25. Vanessa Heggie University of Birmingham
26. Matteo Mandarini Queen Mary University of London
27. Clive Gabay Queen Mary University of London
28. Francesca Berry University of Birmingham
29. Simon Layton Queen Mary University of London
30. Bob Burns SOAS, University of London
31. Sam Bailey Durham University
32. Lee Jones Queen Mary University of London
33. Somnath SOAS
34. Samia Khatun SOAS
35. James Trafford University for the Creative Arts
36. Nick Bernards University of Warwick
37. Samuel Mercer Liverpool Hope University
38. Emma Donovan University of Edinburgh
39. clara de massol King's College London
40. Sally Street Durham
41. John Narayan King's College London
42. Nicholas Cimini Edinburgh Napier University
43. Lorenza University of Brighton
44. Clare Birchall King's College London
45. Saskia McCracken University of Glasgow
46. Ittai Welby UCL
47. Bill Bowring Birkbeck College
48. Esther de Bruijn King's College London
49. Emma Frampton SOAS, University of London
50. Tobias Franz SOAS, University of London
51. Madison Marshall University of Leeds
52. Simon Korner London College of Fashion
53. Sita Balani King's College London
54. Sezen Kizilgul Kartal CIC
55. Keston Perry University of the West of England, Bristol
56. Noreen O'Sullivan Liverpool Hope University
57. Ingrid H. Kvangraven University of York
58. Margherita Huntley Camberwell College of Arts, UAL
59. Seb Franklin King's College London
60. Leire Barrera-Medrano   University of Bath
61. Katy Fox-Hodess    University of Sheffield
62. Lata Narayanaswamy University of Leeds
63. Viv Kendon Durham University
64. Caroline Edwards   Birkbeck, University of London
65. Jon Ward KCL
66. Josefina Venegas Meza King's College London
67. Audrey Verma Newcastle University
68. Rachel Humphris Queen Mary, University of London
69. Molly Geidel   University of Manchester
70. Anthony O'Hanlon University of Liverpool
71. Mazen Masri City, University of London
72. Emma Sheppard Coventry University
73. Matt Murphy SOAS
74. Mark Newman University College London
75. Melissa Fallon Cardiff
76. Laila Kadiwal UCL
77. Matthew de Pulford  University for the Creative Arts
78. Edmund Gordon     King's College London
79. Christopher Holliday King’s College London
80. Salwa Ismail SOAS, University of London
81. Kate Schreckenberg King's College London
82. Gilbert Achcar SOAS
83. Costas Lapavitsas SOAS
84. Sivamohan Valluvan University of Warwick
85. Mary Richardson UCL Institute of Education
86. John Connor KCL
87. Amy De’Ath King’s College London
88. Pete Thomas Lancaster University
89. Kai Easton SOAS University of London
90. Cecily Blyther Petroc, North Devon (FE and HE)
91. Eve Hayes de Kalaf University of Liverpool
92. Emma Ashworth Liverpool John Moores University
93. Michelle Cannon UCL Institute of Education
94. Sami Pinarbasi UoM/MMU
95. Michal Murawski University College London
96. Megen de Bruin-Molé University of Southampton
97. Shabnam Mirafzali SOAS
98. Kathryn Yusoff Queen Mary University of London
99. Meredith Warren University of Sheffield
100. Bernard Geoghegan King's College London
101. Will Monteith Queen Mary University of London
102. David Brenner Goldsmiths
103. Katharine Millar LSE
104. Lorena Lombardozzi Open University
105. JOANNE TATHAM Royal College of Art, London
106. Keith Jebb University of Bedfordshire
107. Mark Abel University of Brighton
108. Elena Gorfinkel King's College London
109. James Cranch University of Sheffield
110. Daniel Schillereff King's College London
111. Karen Knorr University for the Creative Arts
112. Rachel Rosen UCL
113. Lawrence Warner King’s College London
114. Philippa Hetherington University College London
115. Sara Camacho Felix London School of Economics and Political Science
116. Uilleam Blacker UCL
117. Soe Tjen Marching SOAS
118. Alessandra Marino The Open University
119. Rahul Rao SOAS University of London
120. Samuel Solomon University of Sussex
121. Elisabeth Schweiger University of York
122. Ruth Reaney London School of Economics
123. Catriona Drew SOAS University of London
124. Anthony Ince Cardiff University
125. Robyn Orfitelli University of Sheffield
126. Kristin Roth-Ey University College London
127. Jane Elliott KCL
128. Michael Mikulewicz Glasgow Caledonian University
129. Sam Keogh University of East London
130. Umut Erel Open University
131. Afaf  Jabiri University of East London
132. James Brackley University of Birmingham
133. Dogus Simsek University College London
134. Mohan Sridharan University of Birmingham
135. Maria Sibiryakova UCL
136. Angela Last University of Leicester
137. Daniel Joseph    Manchester Metropolitan University
138. Julie Wilson       Durham University
139. Christopher W. Clark University of Hertfordshire/University of East Anglia/University of Nottingham
140. Lucy Hodgetts University of Leeds
141. Stephen Smith Brunel
142. Nick Srnicek King's College London
143. Grant Buttars Edinburgh
144. Alex Kirby-Reynolds University of Sheffield
145. Susanna Rance University of East London
146. Samuel Thomas Durham University
147. Henrike Neuhaus Goldsmiths, University of London
148. Aaron Winter University of East London
149. Sarah Pett SOAS, University of London
150. Oliver Harris Manchester Metropolitan University
151. Bob Jeffery Sheffield Hallam University
152. Michael Cole University of East London
153. James Pattison University of Nottingham
154. Tania de St Croix King's College London
155. kitt price Queen Mary University
156. Dr. Galia Kollectiv University of Reading
157. Dr. Pil Kollectiv University of Reading
158. Jennifer Cooke Loughborough University
159. Luisa Martí Queen Mary University of London
160. Sara Sofia Andre Costa University of Nottingham
161. Wendy McLean University of Reading
162. Judith Carter University of Liverpool
163. Beth Bramich University of the Arts London
164. Bob Burns SOAS, University of London
165. Rowan Boyson King's College London
166. Feja Lesniewska    SOAS
167. Janna Graham Goldsmiths, University of London
168. Kirsty McGregor University of Brighton
169. Fiona MacNeill University of Brighton
170. Elena Baglioni Queen Mary University of London
171. Simon Jackson University of Birmingham
172. Lisa Tilley Birkbeck, UoL
173. Lorcan Whitehead University of Essex
174. Indy Bhullar Lse
175. Ruth Lang UAL
176. Bob Burns SOAS, University of London
177. Luke Roberts King's College London
178. Robert Sell Cardiff University
179. Joe MOrrison Queen's University Belfast
180. Orly Levy SOAS University of London
181. Chris Millard University of Sheffield
182. David Huyssen University of York
183. Lisa Stampnitzky University of Sheffield
184. Kaveri Qureshi University of Edinburgh
185. Beatriz Power The University of Nottingham
186. Karen Benavente University of Nottingham
187. Stefano Cremonesi Durham University
188. Margarita Aragon Goldsmiths, University of London
189. Peter Chonka King's College London
190. Sol Gamsu Durham University
191. Alessandra Esposito King's College London
192. Wickham Clayton University for the Creative Arts
193. Zoe Lambert Lancaster University
194. Lynda J Fitzwater University for the Creative Arts
195. Abi Dymond University of Exeter
196. Adriana Eysler University of the Arts London
197. Adelene Buckland King’s College London
198. Richard Dyer King's College London
199. Koren Kuntz Durham
200. Owen Miller SOAS University of London
201. Waseem Yaqoob Queen Mary University of London
202. Lorenzo Feltrin University of Warwick
203. Pierre Bocquillon University of East Anglia
204. Richard Cleminson University of Leeds
205. Alasdair Cochrane University of Sheffield
206. Jens Lerche SOAS University of London
207. Rachel Ibreck Goldsmiths, University of London
208. Sharon McGuire Coventry University
209. Elizabeth Elliott University of Aberdeen
210. Dr Elodie Rousselot University of Portsmouth
211. Andreas Anastasiou University of Leicester
212. Adam Talib Durham
213. Lauren Ackerman Newcastle University
214. Robert Gutsche Jr Lancaster University
215. Alexej Ulbricht SOAS, University of London
216. Donna Brown RHUL
217. Andy Bossom University for the Creative Arts
218. Matteo University of Leicester
219. Victoria Walden University of Sussex
220. Tom Armstrong SOAS
221. Paola Di Giuseppantonio Di Franco University of Essex
222. Bronwen Price University of Portsmouth
223. Mizue Takahashi SOAS
224. Jesse Ash The Royal College of Art
225. Brigit McWade Lancaster University
226. Kalpana Wilson Birkbeck, University of London
227. Caroline Gonda Cambridge
228. Lidia Merás Royal Holloway, University of London
229. Peter Hallward Kingston University
230. Nisha Kapoor University of Warwick
231. Paolo novak SOAS
232. Lesley McGorrian University of Leeds
233. Austin Fisher Bournemouth University
234. Nuno Ferreira University of Sussex
235. Sara Ewing Goldsmiths, University of London
236. Simon Toner University of Sheffield
237. Jaehoon Yeon SOAS
238. Hagar Kotef SOAS, University of London
239. Gerard Gunning   SOAS
240. Rochana Bajpai SOAS
241. Satona Suzuki SOAS, University of London
242. Orestis Papadopoulos Manchester Metropolitan University
243. Gareth Dale Brunel University
244. John Trzeciak SOAS University of London
245. Anthony Phillips Queen Mary University of London
246. Simon Parker University of York
247. Samia Bano SOAS University of London
248. Alessandra Mezzadri Soas
249. Vanja Hamzić SOAS University of London
250. Tim Pringle Soas, University of London
251. Ali Abolfathi UCL
252. Belén Vidal King's College London
253. Lionel Openshaw University College London
254. Laleh Khalili Queen Mary University of London
255. Manuel Lagares University of Nottingham
256. Jonas Langner King's College London
257. Leandro Vergara-Camus SOAS University of London
258. Etienne Balibar Kingston University London
259. Marie Davidova Cardiff University
260. ione karney UCL
261. Becky Beasley Goldsmiths
262. Liliana Bounegru KCL
263. Dr Jeremiah Ambrose University for the Creative Arts
264. Helen Charnley Durham University
265. Michael Reinsborough SOAS
266. David Young RHUL
267. Jonathan Ercanbrack SOAS
268. Ginette Vincendeau King's College London
269. Sara Stevano SOAS University of London
270. Aurelien Mondon University of Bath
271. Adam Hanieh SOAS
272. Miss T Baker UCL
273. Rebekka Kiesewetter Coventry University
274. Sophia Woodman University of Edinburgh
275. Milly Williamson Goldsmiths UoL
276. Manjeet Ramgotra SOAS University of London
277. Niamh Moore University of Edinburgh
278. Matt Lewis RCA
279. Simon Hewitt University of Leeds
280. Katrina Wilde Royal College of Art
281. James Esson Loughborough University
282. Erika Balsom King's College London
283. Marian Carty Goldsmiths
284. Ros Gray Goldsmiths, University of London
285. Meera Sabaratnam SOAS University of London
286. Rehana Zaman Goldsmiths University of London
287. Peter Dwyer Warwick
288. Dan Taylor Goldsmiths, University of London
289. Margaret Remana Goldsmiths, University of London
290. Anna Grant Goldsmiths
291. Gavin Maclean Edinburgh Napier University
292. Bob Tsukada Bright University of Greenwich
293. Jasmine Smith University for the Creative Arts
294. Asad Zaidi LSE
295. Martina Donald NWRC
296. Suzanna Chan Ulster Univeristy
297. Deirdre Osborne Goldsmiths University of London
298. Richard Hull Goldsmiths, University of London
299. Chrys Papaioannou Birkbeck, University of London
300. Leon Sealey-Huggins University of Warwick
301. Nathan Stephens Griffin Northumbria University
302. Louise Doherty Goldsmiths, University of London
303. Audrey Debard University of Edinburgh
304. Jamie Forth Goldsmiths, University of London
305. Megan Povey University of Leeds
306. Ele Carpenter Goldsmiths University of London
307. Nadine El-Enany Birkbeck College
308. Adelene Buckland King’s College London
309. Tiziana Morosetti Goldsmiths, University of London
310. Sophie Chamas SOAS, University of London
311. Tamar Steinitz Goldsmiths, University of London
312. Susan Schuppli Goldsmiths
313. Sarah University of Greenwich
314. Laurence Totelin Cardiff University
315. Yvette Russell University of Bristol
316. Vidya Kumar Leicester University
317. Ziad Elmarsafy King's College London
318. Katharine Hall Queen Mary University of London
319. Richard bevan RCA and Richmond
320. Keon West Goldsmiths, University of London
321. Irina Hoffman University of Birmingham
322. Vicki Morris University of Nottingham
323. Davide Schmid MMU
324. C. Burak Tansel University of Sheffield
325. Briony Pulford University of Leicester
326. Craig Brandist University of Sheffield
327. Robert Topinka Birkbeck College
328. Andrew Whitehouse University of Aberdeen
329. Aisha Walker Leeds
330. marian mayer Bournemouth
331. Naaz Rashid University of Sussex
332. Nicole Wolf Goldsmiths
333. Cosima Bruno SOAS
334. Uracha Chatrakul Na Ayudhya Birkbeck, University of London
335. Oliver Escobar University of Edinburgh
336. Ella Jeffreys SOAS
337. Samia Khatun SOAS
338. Nicola Perugini University of Edinburgh
339. Karina Linnell Goldsmiths University of London
340. Elisa Wynne-Hughes Cardiff University
341. Julia Corwin London School of Economics and Political Science
342. Akansha Mehta Goldsmiths, University of London
343. Lauren Hall-Lew The University of Edinburgh
344. Gemma Sou University of Manchester
345. Tanya Serisier Birkbeck
346. Muireann Crowley University of Edinburgh
347. Annie Goh University of Arts London
348. Steve Edwards Birkbeck
349. Adam Fishwick De Montfort University
350. Mariana Reyes Queen Mary University of London
351. David Mabb Goldsmiths
352. Matti Pohjonen SOAS
353. Jack Gain Queen Mary University of London
354. Derek Keenan University of Strathclyde
355. Linda Cronin University of Roehampton
356. Mark Walkley University of Leeds
357. Kanika Sharma SOAS
358. Alex Dymock Goldsmiths, University of London
359. Nadia Edmond University of Brighton
360. Clare Finburgh Delijani Goldsmiths, University of London
361. David Stirrup University of Kent
362. Helen Pritchard Goldsmiths University of London
363. Satoshi Miyamura SOAS University of London
364. Anastasia Stouraiti Goldsmiths, University of London
365. Linda Cronin University of Roehampton
366. George Tsoulas University of York
367. Kerry Harman Birkbeck
368. Rino Soares de Souza The University of Nottingham
369. Nathaniel Barron University of Birmingham
370. Anne Alexander University of Cambridge
371. Melanie Cooke King’s College, London
372. Joseph Ford University of London
373. Holly Eva Ryan Queen Mary University
374. Luke Dickens King's College London
375. Joseph Ford University of London
376. Kate Hardy University of Leeds
377. Michaelina Jakala Coventry University
378. Richard Hall De Montfort University
379. David Spraggs Goldsmiths, University of London
380. Robert Porter University of Strathclyde
381. Lesley McFadyen Birkbeck
382. Louise Wise University of Sussex
383. Jill Daniels University of East London
384. Claire Baily Goldsmiths, University of London
385. Nicholas Mortimer Goldsmiths, University of London
386. Sarah May Swansea
387. Giorgia Dona University of East London
388. Jeremy Larkins Goldsmiths
389. Simon Breden
390. James Smith Royal Holloway, University of London
391. James Loxley University of Edinburgh
392. Tat lung chan University of eat london
393. Eric Great-Rex University of East London
394. Chris Berry KCL
395. Jack Underwood Goldsmiths
396. Dr Nicola Pratt University of Warwick
397. Annie Richardson University of Brighton
398. Goldie Osuri University of Warwick
399. Khursheed University of Warwick
400. Ceiren Bell Goldsmiths UoL
401. Simon Deville Birkbeck College
402. Nicki Kindersley Cardiff University
403. Ninna Makrinov University of Warwick
404. Marsha Rosengarten Goldsmiths, University of London
405.  Patricia Bartley University of York
406. Vincenzo Bove University of Warwick
407. Catherine Rocca Royal College of Art
408. Nimer Sultany SOAS, University of London
409. Navtej Purewal SOAS
410. Kristen Kreider Goldsmiths
411. Delia Langstone UEL
412. Stella Sandford Kingston University
413. Corinne Squire University of East London
414. Evelyn Ruppert Goldsmiths University of London
415. Burag Gurden Durham University
416. roxy walsh Goldsmiths
417. Sue Abbott Newcastle University
418. Robert Knox University of Liverpool
419. Zahra Tizro University of East London
420. Delia Langstone UEL
421. Anne-Marie Angelo University of Sussex
422. Josephine Berry Royal College of Art
423. Rose Dagul Goldsmiths, University of London
424. anna fox university for the creative arts
425. Katie Hunt University of Lincoln
426. Eleni Meletiadou London Metropolitan University
427. Kate Howland University of Sussex
428. Yasmeen Narayan Birkbeck, University of London
429. Maria Smith Sheffield Hallam University
430. Nicole Wolf Goldsmiths
431. Melanie Bhend University of Nottingham
432. Deepa Govindarajan Driver University of Reading
433. Andrew Hook University of Sussex
434. Bridget Cotter University of Westminster
435. Chloe Nast Goldsmiths University of London
436. Panayiota Christodoulidou University college London
437. Wendy Saunderson Ulster University
438. Francisco Costa University of East Anglia
439. Matthew Spencer University of Liverpool
440. Gavin Desborough Nottingham Trent
441. Hedi Viterbo Queen Mary University of London
442. Maggie Mort Lancaster University
443. Jane-Marie Collins University of Nottingham
444. Jill Westwood Goldsmiths University
445. Deirdre Daly Goldsmiths
446. Derek Wall Goldsmiths, University of London
447. Ruba Salih Soas
448. Jon Martyn Goldsmiths
449. Zahera Garb City, University of London
450. Maayan Geva University of Roehampton
451. Steve Roskams University  of York
452. Iain Robert Smith King's College London
453. Rachel Walls University of Leeds
454. Betty Liebovich Goldsmiths, University of London
455. Vincent Thurgood New City College Hackney
456. Roisin Read University of Manchester
457. Hester Schadee University of Exeter
458. Rachel Shanks University of Aberdeen
459. Jonathan Preminger Cardiff University
460. Rosamund Paice University of Portsmouth
461. Jason Baskin University of Exeter
462. Luzia Dominguez Cardiff University
463. Nick Thoburn University of Manchester
464. Joel Yalland University of Kent
465. Mandy Turner University of Manchester
466. Valerie Greer Cardiff University
467. ANNE PARISIO university for the Creative Arts
468. Ceren Ozpinar University of Brighton
469. Claudia Di Gianfrancesco Goldsmiths University of London
470. Thomas Gaston Marois SOAS Unversity of London
471. Chris Clarke University of Warwick
472. Sean Doyle UCL
473. Andrea Rylands University of Leeds
474. Pura Ariza Mancehster Metropolitan
475. Kayleigh Woods Harley Birkbeck University of London
476. Jon K Shaw Goldsmiths
477. John Chalcraft LSE
478. Chris Moffat Queen Mary University of London
479. Katelyn Toth-Fejel London College of Fashion, UAL
480. Erica Carter King's College London
481. Maria Costantino UAL
482. Usva Seregina Goldsmiths, University of London
483. Francis Gilbert Goldsmiths
484. Nishat Awan Goldsmiths, University of London
485. Jonathan Dean Leeds
486. Jordina Sala-Branchadell University of Exeter
487. Mariam Atieh University of Arts London
488. KWong Cardiff University
489. Victoria Redclift UCL
490. Jill Hohenstein King's College London
491. Charlie Dannreuther University of Leeds
492. Hannah Murray University of Liverpool
493. Katherine Ebury University of Sheffield
494. Emily Perdue University of Cambridge
495. Andrea Brock University of Sussex
496. Michael Zbyszynski Goldsmiths, University of London
497. Nancy Carter University of Brighton
498. Joe Stretch Manchester Metropolitan University
499. Rebecca Arnold Courtauld Institute of Art
500. William Hardman University of Liverpool
501. Ryan Burns University of Brighton
502. Tom Brown King's College London
503. Livia Olivari SUB
504. Veronica Isaac University of Brighton
505. Eike Mark Rinke University of Leeds
506. clare bottomley Goldsmiths University
507. Raphael Salkie University of Brighton
508. L Whitworth University of Brighton
509. Josh Moos Leeds Beckett
510. Anna Bunting-Branch University of the Arts London
511. Alexandra Burton Courtauld Institute of Art
512. Julia Corwin London School of Economics and Political Science
513. Mark Betz King's College London
514. Onni Gust University of Nottingham
515. Jamie Christie Loughborough University
516. Nick Rush-Cooper Newcastle University
517. Alister Wedderburn University of Glasgow
518. Julia Winckler University of Brighton
519. Carl Kears KCL
520. Sareen Galbraith Leeds beckett University
521. Shela Sheikh Goldsmiths, University of London
522. Henrike Donner Goldsmiths, University of London
523. Rachel O Moore Goldsmiths
524. Tassia Kobylinska Goldsmiths
525. Kathryn Telling University of Sussex
526. Joshua Gulam Liverpool Hope University
527. Rhiannon Lockley Birmingham City University
528. Thomas Gebhart University of Brighton
529. Jacqueline Rattray Goldsmiths, University of London
530. Belén López Pérez Liverpool Hope University
531. Goldsmiths
532. James Dickins University of Leeds
533. Dan Strutt Goldsmiths, UoL
534. Lia Betti University of Roehampton
535. Lucy Mayblin University of Sheffield
536. Graham Dawson University of Brighton
537. Phil Cole University of the West of England, Bristol
538. Mark J Sabine University of Nottingham
539. Rosie Fox University of Leeds
540. Bob Brecher University of Brighton
541. Tom Hickey University if Brighton
542. Anna Vaughan Kett University of Brighton
543. Jenny Gurney Cardiff University
544. Svenja Bromberg Goldsmiths, University of London
545. Michael Guggenheim Goldsmiths
546. Craig Jordan-Baker University of Brighton
547. Federica Formato University of Brighton
548. Julia Welland University of Warwick
549. Rui Miranda University of Nottingham
550. Robin Dunford University of Brighton
551. Christopher Shoop-Worrall UCFB
552. José Peixoto Coelho de Souza University of Manchester
553. Christian Hogsbjerg University of Brighton
554. Suzanne Reimer University of Southampton
555. Galina Paramei Liverpool Hope University
556. Javier Moreno Zacarés University of Warwick
557. Zara Dinnen Queen Mary University of London
558. Julian Hough Queen Mary University of London
559. Engin Isin Queen Mary University of London
560. Rebekah Shaw Queen Mary
561. Ruth Fletcher Queen Mary University of London
562. Cathie Jayakumar-Hazra Queen Mary University of London
563. Amitabh Rai Queen Mary University of London
564. Prof Sunny Singh London Metropolitan University
565. James Souter University of Leeds
566. Neve Gordon Queen Mary University of London
567. Luke Evans Queen Mary University of London
568. Shirin Shahidi Goldsmiths UoL
569. Michael Wolfindale King's College London
570. Sallyanne Theodosiou University for the Creative Arts
571. Zeina Maasri University of Brighton
572. Ruth Sheldon King's College London
573. Gerry McCulloch Goldsmiths, University of London
574. Anita Rupprecht University of Brighton
575. Toby Lovat Brighton
576. Giulia Piccolino Loughborough University
577.  Deborah Philips University of Brighton
578. Vincent Hiribarren King's College London
579. Jonathan Gilhooly University of Brighton
580. Rachel Scott Royal Holloway University of London
581. Julian Henriques Goldsmiths, University of London
582. Kiran Grewal Goldsmiths
583. Maggie Inchley QMUL
584. Jon Day Kcl
585. Ross Adamson University of Brighton
586. Mark Hudson University For The Creative Arts
587. Luciana Velloso Goldsmiths, University of London
588. Jose-Maria Munoz University of Edinburgh
589. Tom Bunyard University of Brighton
590. Emilie Murphy University of York
591. Rhys Denton Cardiff University
592. Pete Furniss Goldsmiths, University of London
593. Katherine Swancutt King's College London
594. Denise  O'Brien Lewisham College
595. Carl Dunford-Gent Goldsmiths, University of London
596. Elizabeth Hull SOAS
597. Gabriele Zagel-Millmore University of Leeds
598. Kris Dunn University of Leeds
599. Richard Axelby SOAS University of London
600. Alice Dunseath Goldsmiths University
601. Patricia McManus University of Brighton
602. Marianne Franklin Goldsmiths University of London
603. David John Hitchcock Canterbury Christ Church University
604. Hisham Parchment SOAS, University of London
605. Patricia Prieto-Blanco University of Brighton
606. Brian Connolly Ulster University
607. Julian Gosliga University of Sheffield
608. Nikki Hayfield University of the West of England
609. Paul Brennan Cardiff University
610. Jo Smith Finley Newcastle University
611. Theodore Koulouris University of Brighton
612. Kevin Reynolds University of Brighton
613. Naomi Hetherington University of Sheffield
614. Sam Davis Leeds Beckett
615. Cathy Bergin University of Brighton
616. Simon Bowie SOAS, University of London
617. Anna Strowe University of Manchester
618. Jennifer Yong SOAS University of London
619. Aris Mousoutzanis University of Brighton
620. Geoff Taylor International College, St Clare's, Oxford
621. Vijay Tymms Imperial College London
622. maria jose bernardos lambeth college
623. Amilia Graham Goldsmiths, University of London
624. holly rogers Goldsmiths, University of London
625. Briony Jones University of Warwick
626. Renata Medeiros Mirra Cardiff University
627. Arabella Stanger University of Sussex
628. Georgia Ferguson University of Brighton
629. Eugene Michail University of Brighton
630. Lukasz Szulc University of Sheffield
631. Rachel O'Neill University of Warwick
632. Stephen Moonie Newcastle University
633. Jan Deckers Newcastle University
634. Sebastian Beaumont University of Brighton
635. Ben Plumpton University of Leeds
636. Sarah University of Greenwich
637. Jo Smith Finley Newcastle University
638. Tatiana Krstic  SouthThames College
639. Emily Horton Brunel University
640. Naomi Ashman University of Brighton
641. Áine McMurtry King's College London
642. Katherine Curran University College London
643. Jaehoon Yeon SOAS University of London
644. Jonathan Fanning University of York
645. Pauline Moon UAL
646. Brigit McWade Lancaster University
647. James Ryan Cardiff University
648. Frances Renton Goldsmiths College
649. Sam Marsh University of Sheffield
650. Lewis Spurgin University of East Anglia
651. Brian McNeil University of Strathclyde
652. Eric Great-Rex University of East London

[list of signatures will be updated periodically]
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