ICNY Application 2019
ICN Youth is looking for dedicated, creative, spirited young people to join our team. Here’s what we’re all about:

ICNY is a volunteer-run organization committed to creating and maintaining spaces that foster spiritual growth, meaningful friendship, and a connection to the Muslim community. Our three main areas of focus are Islamic knowledge, community service and social outings.
We have three main programs that are age-specific and geared towards addressing the specific issues of that age-range:
Heartbeats: Middle School
Real Talk and Mobile RT: High School
1439: college and young professionals

-College students & older
-Can commit to at least 5 hours of service per week
-Can attend weekly meetings/ team development
-Bring a passionate, fun-loving attitude

Alhamdulillah, under the guidance of our team, we have been successfully serving through our masjid for three years. However, our community is growing, so we now require larger, more specialized teams to organize and carry out our goals.

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Which age group are you interested in helping with?Middle School (Heartbeats), High School (Real Talk), College & Young Professionals (1439)
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