EASITC social program
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Monday night
Monday night we will watch a movie together and enjoy some pizza.
This event is open to participants of either the "tutorial", the "advanced topics" part or both.
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Tuesday night
We will divide the participants in groups and take them to a venue to play a game called “escape the room” 「密室逃脫」.

Some more informations can be found here:

This event has a maximum size of 50 people; so all the current participants registering "advanced topics + tutorial" can attend this event by default. For those who cannot make it to this event, please kindly inform us by checking the boxes below. We still have 5~10 quota. For those who register "tutorial only" and want to join this event, you are encouraged to upgrade to "advanced topics + tutorial" (instruction: http://easitc.com/payment_info_locals.html#pay_update). The quota is filled on a first come first serve basis.”

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Wednesday night
Wednesday night we will head out and explore the city: we will provide three options

1. exploring treasure hill

2. hike to Xiangshan

3. run along the river park

This event is open to the participants to the "advanced topics" part only!

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Thursday night
Thursday night we will have a variety night!
This event is open to the participants to the "advanced topics" part only!
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